3 GenZ creators who are winning at Instagram Reels!

Niharika nm, Agasthya shah, Kruthika mermaid scales

Where exactly does this new Generational cohort called “GenZ” begin? 

GenZ is the product of the cultural shift that was brought about by the emergence of new thinking, the internet and post industrial revolutions. Anyone born between 1981 and 1996 is considered a Millennial, and anyone born from 1997 onward is part of a new generation, GenZ.


A growing tribe of GenZ creators on TikTok made way for Reels. Reels is the guilty pleasure for many looking for light-hearted, instant distraction in the form of 15-30 second user-generated videos, often in the form of dances, challenges, sketches and monologues. These bite-sized videos now account for the majority consumption on Instagram.


A common pattern among most GenZ creators isn’t just the ability to give opinions on a diversity of topics. For many, the idea is also to put themselves out there in an uninhibited way that is authentic, and engaging. The audience wants to know the creator for who they are and their personality, which is the very essence of these GenZ creators. Creating content for these creators is all about sitting in front of a camera, being themselves and just talking. 

Niharika NM

Starting off her career as a YouTuber in 2015, Niharika has always been interested in portraying her personality in front of the camera. This 23 year old blew up on Instagram Reels in October 2020, when her rant themed videos went viral, gaining her 900 thousand (9,00,000 or 9lakh) followers in 2 months, making her newest member of the 1 million club on Instagram.

Niharika nm - genz reels creator


She created reels that portray her loud South-indian personality ranting about everyday issues. As a result, her content resonated with a wide audience.


In the GenZ content creation world, Niharika was no longer a name, she was a “whole mood”.


The mermaidscales – Kruthika

Quirky, fun and creative are the words that describe the personality of this creator and her content. As a result, her feed has a great anime aesthetic with vibrant pops of colour. With an eccentric and unique stye of doing make up she has made her signature look her brand. She creates reels content that is relatable and has her tiny girl charm to it. She is also an online gamer who streams games like Minecraft, Roblox and Among us on her second Youtube Channel.

With a cow print wall, a wild boar in strawberry underpants as her display picture and mermaid as her stage name, she truly is a child of the Internet.


Agasthya Shah

A TikTok creator disappointed by its ban, Agasthya found Reels to be his saving grace. He is young, funny and by popular opinion among teenagers, “damnn cute”. He creates relatable teenage content that not only hits home for the GenZ but also takes millennials on a trip down the memory lane. His reels are a laughter riot that he makes in raw and unfiltered form. 

A whopping 362K followers on Instagram growing by the minute. This 18 year old, as his Instagram bio says is “building an empire”.


Amid shrinking attention spans and deep familiarity with the internet and its tools, these next Gen creators offer opinionated observations and confessions on everything. They include trending news to Indian family culture to school-day nostalgia. They keep it short, snappy, relatable and entertaining. 

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