3 male content creators who are breaking the shackles of stereotypes!

In this blog, you will find out three male content creators with different niches catering to different audiences.

Skincare, Beauty, and Makeup are commonly associated with women and considered a feminine trait or action to indulge in. However, leaving the fact that women are not the only ones who can use makeup, is just another stereotype that exists in society. And thankfully there are people trying to battle it out. Hence, there has been a rise of male beauty influencers and male content creators around the world, including in India. 

There’s a quote that says “You don’t have to be of a certain gender to follow your passion. No matter even if it is precisely done by a man or a woman”; moreover male beauty creators in India are living by it in the best possible way. These creators are venturing into different niches like makeup for men, men’s fashion wear, skincare for men, etc, and are being the best at it. Moving on, let’s talk about three such beautiful men and see what they’re doing: 

Ankush Bahuguna

From a societal perspective, Makeup has always been associated with womanhood. But Ankush is one of those creators who is changing this stereotypical thought of people and society at large. He is someone who came into the public eye through his makeup videos. A comedy creator originally, Ankush has been venturing into beauty and makeup with swag and killing it. With fame, there is always some criticism associated. People trolled Ankush for applying makeup but he always stands firm on the thought that makeup is for everyone who likes to use it, it has no gender.  Importantly, he broke the stigma associated with makeup for men whilst proving that it should be a matter of personal choice rather than societal pressure.

Siddharth Batra

In February 2020, he entered the creator’s ecosystem with the hashtag #guybeauty. He is one of those creators who is taking men’s fashion to another level in India. Throughout his journey, he had to face major condemnations. Few fault finders labelled him as gay, commented on his physical appearance, and asked him not to dress like women. However, Siddharth found followers who sing the praise of his guts and the number stands 112k today. The best part about him is that he is always ready to try new things whether it is related to fashion, redundant stereotypes, and has set diverse trends in men’s fashion. Right from styling clothes from his girlfriend Komal Pandey’s wardrobe to putting on her makeup, Siddharth has flaunted it with utmost grace. His bold capability to experiment with fashion reminds us of Ranveer Singh and he can surely be called Ranveer of the creator space. 

Vishnu Kaushal

Vishnu is a common boy from Chandigarh who is the prominent face of MensXP, and Idiva India. One of his videos went viral on youtube, with almost 1million+ views in January 2019. That’s how he came into the limelight. Vishnu is an influencer with loads of pun intended humour and relatable short videos. He is also the host of the Outcast Podcast where he highlights social awareness, mental health, and many more fanatic issues. Trolling is a non-detachable part of an Influencer’s life. Vishnu got trolled for his makeup for men’s videos for Idiva but, he strongly believes that “you shouldn’t let people dismiss how you feel, it’s okay to be you”. He continues to create content and inspires people with an unshakable self-belief and zest.

These are some creators who are inspiring us daily.  They are truly working towards bringing a storm of change into society. So the next time your little sister/ anyone else trolls you for taking care of yourself or putting on makeup, you know who’s the profile to open right? 

Tell us in the comments which male influencer from the list inspires you the most and Why?

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