3 Podcasts by Creators you should definitely follow!

3 podcasts by creators you should follow

Insightful, inspirational and informative, that is what the conversations have in common across these podcasts.

India has emerged as the third-largest podcast listening market in the world, where it stands right after China and the United States. 

Podcast may be a comparatively new term for many of us, but the art of storytelling has been engraved into our cultures from the beginning of time.

AV content available on multiple platforms also tells us stories, but podcasts leave the visuals to our imagination. They offer a more intimate and immersive experience. Podcasts give us a sense of companionship, a bond between the podcaster and the listener. In India, radio has been a source of audio-only entertainment for centuries. Millions of listeners like us still enjoy radio, everyday. This made it much easier for the audience to get onto the bandwagon of podcasts. 

The conversations on podcasts are candid and raw, it makes the listener feel closer to the host. 

The plethora of topics and creators available to listen to, has made podcasts more inclusive. There are barely any topics that do not have podcasts covering them or topics related to them. It is about whose content is good, unique and resonates with the audience, isn’t it?

Here are 3 podcasts that are educating and entertaining us through some brilliant voices:

Maed in India Podcasts

A flagship show and a podcast production company that is the one stop solution for all audio content needs. Mead in India was started by Mae Mariyam Thomas in 2015 as the first indie music podcast for Indian musicians. She featured conversations with artists and musicians about their original creations. In 2018, she shared her knowledge through her entrepreneurial venture, making Maed in India a podcast production company.

Maed in India podcasts with Mae Mariyam Thomas

The symphony of stories and music makes the Maed in India podcast an indulgent and engaging experience. 

In the almost 6 years since the podcast has been around, Mae has had hundreds of artists featured. Among a lot of laughter, music and conversation these podcasts are also a learning experience for those exploring the magic of creating music. 

GayBCD Podcast

Let’s talk queer. GayBCD is co-hosted by Farhad Karkaria and Sunetro Lahiri as a “dictionary of all things in life from a queer perspective”. Their laid back tone and playful banter makes the listener feel like one of their peers over beers. 

GayBCD podcasts with Sunetro and Farhad

They highlight and talk about the little things in life of not just being a queer person, but just being a human. 

They share stories, memories and incidents from their life. The idea is to normalise queer life, to water-down sexuality. They aim to resonate with their listeners and hopefully inspire them. Since its inception in 2019, GayBCD now has 68 episodes live for their listeners, with new ones coming every week.

The Musafir Stories – India Travel Podcasts

An audio passage across India, The Musafir stories is a Bangalore-based podcast hosted by Saif and Faiza, that features travellers from across the country. These offbeat travellers share the details of their experiences and make the listener crave a vacation. 

The Musafir Stories - India Travel Podcasts with Saif and Faiza

You could be making your dinner, walking in the park or sipping a cup of hot beverage by your window. When you listen to their stories you are sure to escape into their world for a few minutes.

Not only are the stories indulgent and inspiring, but they also share all the details you need to plan your own trip. The travellers not only share their picture perfect itinerary with their listeners but also travel tricks, hacks & secrets that make them a pro at travelling. They invite us to explore the Incredible India with them, are you in? 

The diverse views, languages and cultures in our country open exciting opportunities for podcast creators to dive into and explore. There are so many languages and local cultures that make up a huge part of the audience and vouch on regional consumption. If you’re a podcaster and looking to find the right audience and monetise your content, get on to Tagmango and choose the freedom to create!

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