5 methods for an educator to earn money from TagMango!

In this blog, we’ll tell you the ways which you can use to make money and monetize your content as an educator from TagMango.

If you love educating people and want to make money online as an online educator, then TagMango is just the perfect thing for you! Now you must have this question, ‘Okay, but how TagMango will help me to make money online?’

TagMango is a creator-driven platform that allows all types of content creators, educators, etc. to create a paid subscription (we call it “Mango”) membership where people can subscribe to your mango and you will be paid directly via your subscribers.

Here are some ideas which you can use to generate money from TagMango as someone who educates and teaches:

1) Course Launch – 

If you want to launch a course, you must have known by now how difficult and complex it can be to manage everything. From hosting platforms to payment gateways, and of course, the extra investments you have to undertake. Using TagMango, you can launch your own course with absolutely zero costs and with no hassle. We will do everything for you, from providing a stable host platform to payment integration.

2) Live Classes –

If you are a subject teacher, for example, you can create a mango where you can teach students through live sessions also via video conferencing features. Also, TagMango allows you to provide all kinds of documents, PDF, images, etc. to your students for better communication. We will be adding this feature shortly.

3) Doubt Clearing Session –

You can also create a separate mango for the students who want their personal doubts to be solved. In this way, you can connect with individual students and at the same time be able to monetize it.

4) Question’s Bank Mango –

You have the knowledge & expertise about your particular field, why not use it and make a question bank and create a separate mango to distribute it to the students in the form of an e-book? TagMango makes sure that every effort of yours should be monetized. Click here to check how to use the content feature on TagMango.

5) Personal Mentoring –

Along with your course, you can also help students and mentor them personally which you give as another mango on TagMango. As you’ve had a good experience in your field, people really love to be mentored by someone who is an expert in the field.

Now, these are just a bunch of ideas out of infinity. You can always come up with other unique ideas and surprise us as well! If you’ve any queries about anything, please reach out to us at support@tagmango.com and we will give our best to help you!

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