5 Top Sources of Unlicensed Music For Your Next Video!

unlicensed music

It is a well-known fact that people enjoy visual mediums more than texts. Videos are one of the best visual medium content types that quickly grab the attention and let the creators convey their message story-driven and functional. It also makes information interactive.

Music is an essential element in video production. A well-synced background score conveys the story and emotions more interactively. It also makes videos entertaining and makes viewers continue watching till the end.

But scoring music for video is no easy task when you are on a time and cost budget. It is easy for content creators to collaborate with top musicians or composers to produce exclusive scores for their videos.

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So, stock music websites come as saviours for content creators. It simplifies the process of music production to simply picking and choosing the track your video content requires from a mass of pre-composed tracks and sounds.

What is unlicensed music?

Unlicensed music means that the legal rights of the music are with its owner, who can be the composer, lyric writer, singer, or producer. No one else can use it without permission. These copyrighted properties give the owner exclusive rights to use, redistribute, reproduce or license the work to others.

Thus, if anyone wants to use unlicensed music, they have to get a license from the owner. Sometimes have to pay royalties and If copyright infringement is found, legal actions will be called upon.

There is plenty of free or paid royalty-free music available on the Internet. If you don’t have the budget and time to apply and acquire a license for copyrighted music, you can choose any free royalty-free music sources and use them.

5 Top sources of unlicensed music

Social Media Platforms

Many composers post their work on social media. If you find any work suitable for your video, you can approach them and get the license to use it. You can track their contact details and send your requirements in detail. If the composers agree to provide you with the license, sign an agreement to use their work. Agreement plays a major role while obtaining a license. Ensure the agreement contains all the information about the conditions and limitations of using the music and the life duration of the license provided in detail.


YouTube Music

Like social media, YouTube is a platform where you can find unlimited exceptional unlicensed compositions posted by many talented composers. Many composers publish their compositions to sell them or provide rights to use them in exchange for royalty. If you want to feature any composition you find on Youtube, you can contact the composer for the license. Once you get the license, you can use it in your video.


Soundstripe is one of the best stock music websites available to date. It has music compositions from the best composers all around the world. They add nearly 200+ compositions every month and their music library has many composed by Grammy-winning artists. The annual subscription plan starts from 150$. They also have a monthly pricing plan.

They have collaborated with youtube and adobe premiere pro. You can easily incorporate music from soundstripe into your premiere pro. When you list your youtube channel with soundstripe, it will let youtube know you are authorised to use the particular music.


Shockwave sound

Shockwave-sound is also a stock music website with a wide variety of hand-picked music tracks. You can easily apply for the license and download them immediately after the approval of the license. From corporate background music, vocal music to hip-hop and classical music, they have a choosy playlist that will be helpful for content creators to find music for any situation.

They follow a per music paying system, meaning every composition in their music library is priced individually. You have to choose the music, pay the price and get the license.

Epidemic Sound

Epidemic sound is also a stock music website with three pricing plans: free, personal, and commercial. They are well-known for their best collection of background music. Whether it is a video, a podcast or any other content, you can subscribe to them and get access to unlimited background scores immediately. You can search for background scores using keywords, genres, moods, and tags to find your desired music. The free plan allows users to download three compositions and post that you can upgrade to a paid plan.

Summing up


With plenty of music sources available on many stock music websites, finding the right music for your content will be overwhelming. When choosing to get a license for a composition, always remember to sign a contract or agreement with details covering the usage limitations and life of the license.


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