5 Ways Content Creators Utilise Meme Marketing in 2022


Memes are around the trend cycles always. We all have searched for them, got entertained, and often shared them with our friends and family. Memes have become an indispensable part of the internet, especially social media. 

When memes became a viral phenomenon, marketing agencies and businesses started using them as an element in their marketing strategies. But just not businesses, you as a content creator can also capitalise using meme marketing. 


In this article, we have analysed meme marketing and have a few tips on how content creators can leverage using memes.

What is Meme Marketing?

Meme marketing uses memes to promote a brand narrative, product or service. As memes are highly shareable, fun and have a culturally connect, they will increase the engagement rate. A meme can be in any format, video, static image, stickers, gifs or text posts.

Memes potentially spread like wildfire, so as content creators, you can use them as a strategy to reach your content to more audiences and create a buzz around your content. People who resonate with your memes will start resonating with your content and engagement around it will increase gradually.

Why should content creators opt for meme marketing?


Time and cost-effective 

Meme marketing is very inexpensive in nature. It requires your time and effort but gives a better ROI than any other marketing strategy. As a content creator, you can create your own meme or take viral meme templates and add your content to it. Using a meme template that is viral already will give results immediately. But if you create your own meme, and that becomes viral, the ROI will be even higher. 

Community integrity


As memes easily connect the like-minded audience and are culturally harmonious, they will effortlessly help you build a fun-filled community. As memes are mainly made on any popular culture, local happening or incident, a sense of oneness can be formed, ultimately bringing in integrity. 

For example, suppose you use any Korean meme template with your content. In that case, you are showing that you follow(like) Korean pop culture and other Korean pop culture followers among your audience will start to relate to your personal choices. Likewise, there is a high possibility that people who follow Korean memes outside your community might come across your content and start engaging with your work.

Higher engagement

Memes are no less than any virus; they get viral in minutes. No other form of media or marketing tactics can give that level of reach. As memes are highly relatable, they have a higher chance of being shared and promoted among your audience. It also drives traffic into your page and there is a high chance of your other content also getting engagement. 

Five ways content creators use memes and meme marketing


As a content creator and influencer, you might collaborate with brands for promoting their services and products. You can use any trending meme as an element to advertising your client’s products and services. It will give a good reach and have high engagement. If you are charging based on clicks and engagements, definitely meme is a go-to option.


Tool against trollers

Memes can be used to express sarcasm and disagreement. As a content creator, you will come across trolls many times. So you can use memes as a tool to call out and condemn trollers for their demeaning acts and behaviour. Memes will let you convey your state of mind in a lighter tone.

Repurposing content

When you want to repurpose and give life to your old content, you can use the trending meme template with the old content you created before. You can choose those content that performed less but had high potential for engagement and convert into memes and repost it. This repurposing tactic will help you reach your old content to a new set of audiences.


React to the recent moment

As a content creator and influencer, your community will expect you to react to recent happenings and moments. Be it in your niche or any other news around your community; you might need to put out your opinion. So to convey your opinions, you can use memes as a tool. 

Create your avatar/sticker

Meme marketing can help you build your personal brand. You can create your avatar, gifs or stickers and let your community and audience use them. If you start using your stickers and gifs in images, videos or other content forms, it will reach even more users. It is the best way to start reaching new users outside your community. Stickers, avatars or gifs you create necessarily don’t need to have your face. It can be your dialogue, imaginary character or any other sketches. 

The Lifetime of virality of memes is highly unpredictable. While some memes dry out within a few days, some go viral for years. If you want to go with the trend, do it quickly. When using memes, be sure of one thing – never go below the belt. Don’t encourage any memes that have a derogatory nature. 

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