5 Ways To Get Started As A Content Creator On A Budget

5 ways to get started as a cc on a budget

Content creation has become one of the most desirable careers for today’s youth, as they want to create content in various forms. Digital content creation has grown tremendously in the past decade, now reaching a billion-dollar industry. It is a passion-driven industry with lots of opportunities to showcase the skillset and expertise one has. 

If you are an aspiring content creator looking for ways to get started with a minimum or zero budget, then this read is for you. If you can provide value, educate and entertain the audience, have an active internet connection and a smartphone – you are good to start!

We have listed the five most accessible and budget-friendly tips that will help you kickstart your content creation journey in no time. Here’s how!

No need to invest in new gadgets

When you are starting your content creation journey, don’t rush to invest in new gadgets. Try to start with the active gadgets that you already have. We see updated and enhanced gadgets coming up now and then, but it’s unnecessary to have high-end gadgets at the early stage of your content creation journey. Be it a phone, laptop, lights, microphones, or anything else – start with the options you already have. You can also check out our handy guide of equipments on a budget to get started with.


No need to invest in paid tools

You can always make use of the free tools available online to support your content creation. From web hosting, audio-video editing, checking grammar, designing to even branding & marketing, there are n number of free tools available on the Internet. Some paid tools provide a free edition or trial version; make sure to use them. Once you start making money out of content creation, you can then purchase the paid tools. Or, if you can gather a few other content creators, along with them as a group, you can buy the tools and use them jointly. It will help you buy tools at a lesser price.

We are listing down a few free tools that can help you create content:

  • Answer the public – Find out what people google about your niche and try to add them to your content. It’s an excellent tool for getting content ideas.
  • Grammarly – This is a tool that helps you check spelling and grammatical errors in your content free of cost. They have a premium account too, but that is for later.
  • Canva – This is one of the popular designing tools which can be used for creating blog images, social graphics, infographics, and other visual designs. You can even make attractive Stories, Thumbnails and PPTs.
  • Remove.bg – Okay, this one’s the easiest tool to remove background in your images.
  • Unsplash – :Looking for free stock images? Try Unsplash. It has a wide range of stock photos that are free to use.
  • Audacity – Are you into podcasting? Then Audacity is your best bet. It is an easy-to-use multitrack audio recording and editing platform. 
  • Inshots – Need to edit videos? Use InShot which is one of the best mobile apps for video editing. 
  • Google Adwords – Keywords are important. So make use of this free tool from Google to search keywords to add to your content.

paid tools

Upskill using free tools

Use free sources to upskill yourself. You can use YouTube and other social media platforms to learn new things in your niche. Follow experts and thought leaders in your domain and consume the value they provide for free. You can also join free social media groups, forums, and communities where members help and teach each other to grow inclusively.

When you need mentorship, sign up for live paid workshops and courses. That’s where TagMango comes in. Content Creators use TagMango to host webinars, courses, live workshops, etc. This is the best way to upskill yourself!

free tools

Content repurposing

Content repurposing means using elements or parts of content already created and reusing them in other mediums. For example, if you are writing a blog on conducting workshops, you can create videos on the same content or make a carousel post to publish on social media. It will save you a lot of time, and you can reach the same content to the audience on various publishing platforms. Remember what they say about killing two birds with one stone? Something like that!

repurpose content

No need to spend A LOT on promoting or marketing your content

When you start putting out content, try to organically increase reach to your audience. You don’t need to immediately boost or promote your content to have a larger reach or increase the followers count. You may burn your money without results when you try to do so. 

It would be best if you plan your content strategy and consistently deliver content. And if your content is good, you can see momentum around it. Learn all the organic ways of reaching your content to the target audience, such as hashtags, SEO, meta descriptions, keywords, etc.

Don’t think of paid promoting and marketing your content unless you sell your content as a service/product. And, then a good strategy to promote your workshop on YouTube or Facebook or Instagram or any other social media platform will make more sense. 

You can undoubtedly start your content creation journey on a zero budget. As a beginner, you can face challenges at the onset, but with patience and consistency, it can become your sole career, especially if you are passionate about it. Along the way, you are bound to make some mistakes, but don’t worry, you can read this and avoid making them.


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