5 ways you can use TagMango to earn money if you’re a gamer!

In this blog, we’ll tell you the ways which you can use to make money and monetize your content as a gamer from TagMango.

Are you a gamer who wants to pursue gaming as a career in India, but don’t know how to make money from it? If you fall into this category, then TagMango is the best solution for you!

Gaming career in India is very bright and if you are already a gaming content creator with some audience, then you’ve got it. 

TagMango is a creator-driven platform that allows all types of content creators, gamers, etc. to create a paid subscription (we call it “Mango”) membership where people can subscribe to your mango and you will be paid directly via your subscribers.

Now to answer your question “Which type of mangoes can I create to make money online from TagMango?”, we have some pointers for you:

1) Teaching Others –

We know when it comes to gaming, you’re amazing. But, many people aren’t, and they really want to learn some secret strategies, tips & tricks to be good at it. You can create a mango just to teach those people about the tactics which you use while gaming. There are thousands of views on videos helping ‘noobs’ become better gamers. Join the wagon yourself and monetise it!

2) Member-only streaming –

You can create a separate mango where the subscribers can access and view member-only streams, exclusive to them. You can make stream videos and upload them in your mango for your subscribers.

3) Stream with your fan –

Gaming streamers have a strong fan base, why not make use of it? You can create a mango where a lucky subscriber can get a chance to stream with you on YouTube, on the basis of random selection or through contests/trivia etc. This can be incredibly motivating for a young streamer and can help you generate a high volume of revenue. 

4) BTS/Bloopers –

You can’t be the winner always in any game. You can have your own mango where you will show your subscribers your behind the scenes, your mistakes and bloopers, where you’ve messed it up. Believe it or not, people will really love to see that. Click here to check how to use the content feature on TagMango for better understanding.

5) Shout-outs –

You can create a mango where you can set up the prices for shoutouts according to yourself and your subscribers can get paid shoutouts from you. These shout-outs can also be put up in the middle of a live stream by you for increased visibility.

So these were some of the ideas out of tons of other different and unique ideas that you can implement on TagMango.

If you’ve any queries about anything, please reach out to us at support@tagmango.com.

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