6 Apps to make better Social Media Posts

 1 in every 3 people you meet has an active social media account’, how would you react to statistics like this one?

To give you an idea of the sheer volume, out of the total world population which today, exceeds 7.2 billion; there are in excess of about 2 billion active social media accounts. Though there have been intelligent attempts to arrive at a precise definition of what social media really means, to you and me it simply means Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the many other existing platforms which allow the user to create accounts and share anything the user wishes to share.  However, depending on the type of the user, the social media platform of choice would differ.

The most important feature and use of social media platforms is the content. While content continues to be the king, the type of content posted on the social media platforms could determine whether the content posted was a hit or a miss. In today’s day and age where users/consumers/customers’ attention spans can be distracted in only 8 seconds and where people form a first impression in a mere 50 milliseconds, the content should speak for itself.

To make content speak and appeal to a viewer instantaneously both photos and videos have become extremely popular amongst users of all ages. This brings us to the main topic of this post which will focus on a few apps particularly relating to photos and videos which can help you make great content for social mediums.


Shoot and get loopy with your fun videos!

Boomerang is a single tap app from Instagram which shoots a one-second burst of 10 photos. The 10 photo are then stitched together to form a loopy video that is played back and forth. Just tap it once and you have a very captivating mini video that is fun and can be shared with friends on Instagram and Facebook right from the app.

Download: Android / iOS


Make your latest video shoot at a concert the talk of the town!

Hyperlapse is another video shooting app from the Instagram family. Hyperlapse allows you to shoot slick time-lapse videos which were earlier otherwise very difficult to shoot without tripods and other expensive equipment. The image stabilization allows for seamless instant stabilization of the bumpiest of videos. Capture your bumpy train ride and share your 5k in 5 seconds or capture the entire sunrise in 10 seconds from the back of your motorcycle. Hyperlapse also allows your video to be up to 12 times the speed!

Download: iOS


Are you known as the ‘Photo Collage Champion’ amongst your friends?  Now be known as the ‘Photo Collage Rockstar’!

Layout enables you to remix your own photos, make the coolest collages and share them with your friends. Choose photos from your gallery or shoot on the go, select your preferred layout and then edit it to make your own. Get complete creative control, mirror, flip, resize images and change your regular photo into fun clutter-breaking mix of your favorite photographs. Say goodbye to boring photographs with Layout!

Download: Android / iOS


Have you been asked about your new ability to make fresh new designs every time you put up a new post on your favorite Social Media platform?

Let Wordswag magically turn your words into beautiful photo text designs. These are not templates that you use over and over again. The graphic artists handpick the freshest font and generates a new design for every use. Never be at a loss for words – includes hundreds of captions to inspire you. So get your swag on!

Download: Android / iOS


Shoot like a food photographer!

Foodie is for you if you love to click photos of everything that you see around you, including the food that you eat. With Foodie, you can select a filter that suits your style for special effects on food pics. Spice up your shots, edit them professionally and catch everyone’s attention with the amazing effects!

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