6 ideas for a counsellor to use and earn money on TagMango!

In this blog, we’ll tell you the ways which you can use to make money and monetize your content as a counsellor from TagMango.

Are you a counsellor who wants to pursue it as a career and help people in their journey? And do all this and at the same time make money from home? Then TagMango is the perfect gateway for you to achieve this goal. Counselling can be of many types such as career counselling, educational counselling, relationship counselling, etc. You can earn money from TagMango irrespective of any niche you’re in.

 If you can give guidance and online counselling to people, then here are some ideas for you to use the best out of TagMango and to start earning money:

1. Online Course –

You have the experience, knowledge, and expertise. Why not create something so extraordinary which people can’t resist? For example, you can create a course on “how to effectively talk & deal with people”. Build this course and charge on a monthly basis by creating a mango for it.

2. Personal Mentorship –

You can create a separate mango (subscription) where you yourself handhold a subscriber and help/guide them with their daily life problems. Position this as a ‘personal therapy’ mango and reach out to clients accordingly.

3. Group Sessions –

You can have a weekly group session where you can talk about mental health and some pain points with practical solutions with the people who have subscribed to your mango. We will be adding new features shortly for you and your subscribers to amplify this experience.

4. Sharing Valuable Content –

You can create a separate mango where you can share your content in the form of audio, video, text, image, or document with your subscriber. Content can be anything that will add value to your subscriber.

5. Personal Landing Page –

TagMango provides all the creators with a landing page where they can have an introductory video, a brief description about themselves. You can use it as your personal landing page or website for your own brand building.

6. Chat sessions –

TagMango gives you an option of whether to choose either one way or two ways of communication. You can make a different mango just to chat with your subscribers where you can personally answer their questions. Click here to know how to use the chat feature on TagMango.

These were some of the ways you can use TagMango to monetize your content, and of course, this is not the end. You can come up with thousands of unique ideas as TagMango provides total freedom to all of our creators. In case if you’ve any queries, mail us at support@tagmango.com and we will give our best to help you out!

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