6 unique ideas to earn money from TagMango as a fitness creator!

In this blog, we’ll tell you the ways which you can use to make money and monetize your content as a fitness creator from TagMango.

Do you want to make money from home as a fitness instructor? If yes, then keep reading. It’s crucial to have an online presence in today’s world and if you or your services aren’t on social media, you’re losing out on a lot. At TagMango, we help you monetize your talent in different ways and make money online with hassle-free payments and ease of use. Here are a few services you earn via :


1) One on one coaching sessions –

You can provide your subscriber with customized fitness training sessions daily/weekly or on alternate days and help him/her become a healthier human. Consider this an online version of your regular personalized fitness class which is 10x easier to conduct.

2) Diet plans/Meal plans –

You can create mangoes where you provide your subscribers with diet plans or diet tips. You can do this in various ways, daily tips, chat sessions, group video calls, etc. Understand their body structure, eating patterns and suggest accordingly!

3) Audio episodes –

Everyday/weekly podcasts on fitness tips, ways to start your fitness career, diet tips for beginners, etc can be given via this mango. You can also create separate mangoes for various age groups and provide services accordingly.


4) Group training sessions –

To target subscribers who aren’t ready to pay a premium price for one on one sessions, you can alternatively host group video call sessions and provide fitness training. This mango will be the easiest to scale up. We will also be adding many new features to conduct such sessions on TagMango easily.


5) Chat sessions or calls –

You can create mangoes where your subscribers can get a chance to talk to you for a specified period and ask you all their queries, alternatively, they can also do this via the chat feature on TagMango which allows two-way conversation between the creator and subscriber. Click here to know how to use the chat feature on TagMango.

6) Newsletters/ text-based content –

Exclusive text-based content/newsletters around any topic you desire can be provided in this mango. Make sure the content you deliver is exclusive to TagMango and is not available on any other social media platform. This will also be super effective in providing good, valuable content. 

These were a few examples to help you understand various ways in which you can make money online using TagMango. However, there are endless possibilities when it comes to providing services using our platform. Thus, you should keep experimenting to see what works the best for your subscribers. Happy creating!

If you’ve any queries about anything, please reach out to us at support@tagmango.com.

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