6 ways to monetise your content as a content creator from TagMango!

In this blog, we’ll tell you the ways which you can use to make money and monetize your content as a content creator or YouTuber from TagMango.

If you’re a content creator/YouTuber and you’re thinking of monetizing your content, then previously the only known solution to this problem was ‘Brand Promotions’. There are lots of problems and issues associated with brand collaborations like delays in payments, uncertain income, follow-up hassle etc. TagMango’s new monetisation tool helps content creators, YouTubers etc. to build multiple sources of revenue through TagMango and gives an all-new way to earn money.

Here are some set of instructions with examples and unique ideas about how you can use TagMango:

1) Exclusive member-only content –

TagMango has given all the options to put out the content. It can be text, image, audio, video, and document. You put uncut/unedited videos, never seen before images, bloopers etc. as content in this mango. People who love your content will surely want to consume more.
Click here to know how to use the content feature on TagMango.

2) One-on-One video calls –

As a creator, you must be getting a lot of questions about things in your niche. Or, it could be your fans just wanting to come on a video call with you for a personal interaction. Either way, you can create a mango and set up video call slots and interact with them. Click here to know how to use the video feature on TagMango.

3) Individual chat –

There might be some problems that people would love to ask in person and they don’t want to take video consultations. For that, you can set up a mango with an exclusive chat option. A low price point and high volume strategy can help generate good amount of cashflow as well.

5) Creator Tool e-book/Document –

Content creators are always using tools, softwares to better their content. An accumulation of these in a small e-book with a low price point ca be an effective way to get subscribers and use for platform popularity and revenue generation.

6) Paid shoutouts –

Don’t forget that you are also a content creator. You can set up a specific mango just for giving paid shoutouts to your subscribers which people can use to promote themselves.

It is absolutely fine to charge someone if you’re confident with your product and the services you are providing. So these are a few out of thousands of ideas that you can implement to monetize your content. If you’re looking to earn money with your content, you can sign up on www.tagmango.com as a creator for Free and start monetizing your content today.

In case if you’ve any further queries, email us at support@tagmango.com and we will be more than happy to help you out!


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