7 Best Ways To Promote Your Next Workshop On YouTube!

Promote Your Workshop On YouTube

YouTube’s popularity makes it a perfect online platform to establish a remarkable presence. If you’ve deployed all the promotional tactics already, you can consider these new ways of expanding your promotional reach. Here are some creative ideas to promote your next workshop on YouTube. It will help you reach a wide range of audiences. 

Promoting your next workshop on YouTube, or any significant event for that matter is the best step in your marketing strategy. This platform is one of the largest social networking sites. This provides you with the essential reason for any event promotion on this beneficial video-sharing site, YouTube. It lets you promote your event that includes free workshops, and it is a sustainable and suitable marketing tool.

How To Promote Your Workshop Using YouTube As A Marketing Tool?

Small organisations have recognised the value of online videos and content as an essential strategy for their marketing plans for events like workshops. Creating videos is now easier than ever with affordable video equipment. Best of all, setting up a YouTube account is free, so you must start promoting your next workshop on your YouTube channel

Firstly, you need to have your own YouTube channel. This is a required step to upload your promotional content, videos, and testimonials from your audience if you have hosted one already in the past. This helps in keeping the conversation about the workshop going. You also can customise your account as per the need of your workshop. For this, you must allow the “Make Channel Visible” in your setting. This helps people to look at your workshop content quite easily.


These are the definite dos for your YouTube Channel while promoting a workshop: 

  • Listing your workshop date is necessary to develop a buzz around it. You can utilise the “Event Dates” option and provide all the required information there.
  • Now, the most crucial step is the “Call-to-attention” to your YouTube channel. This will create the entire buzz. 
  • In addition, use keywords. Let your potential audience find you when they type the related keywords. This ensures that when people search for similar videos, they will be automatically redirected to yours.
  • You must also fill up all the details in your profile. This will make it simple for people to find you.
  • Create a stellar video of your workshop. Also, feature your promotional workshop content on other social networking sites. Leverage your content as much as you can. 
  • You can also consider giving away exciting discounts on workshop tickets.
  • They your hand at hosting live streaming sessions to reach your target audience.
  • The workshop sponsorship is also quite important.  So try to get good sponsors and spend the money on creating remarkable content.
  • The audience must talk about your workshop. Keep the potential audience hooked by providing them with regular updates. 
  • You can also benefit from the current demand for live video using the YouTube Live option and broadcasting in real-time.
  • There are so many creative workshop marketing ideas, especially for video content. For example, sneak peeks, introductions to speakers and the sponsors, benefits for participants in the workshop, tips on how to make the most of the workshop, etc. Utilise all this and more.
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While promoting your workshop on YouTube, these are the best practices for you to follow!

Be authentic

YouTube promotion is all about being honest and transparent. Just be yourself while you communicate through your video. This helps your audience gain trust in your workshop.

Deliver your objectives

Talk about how your workshop could help the people and the objective behind the workshop. You can share a case study as well. Video is an excellent way to educate your audience about your mission. The most significant asset is communicating effectively to ensure a successful workshop promotion event.

Interview attendees  

Engage your attendees both during and after the workshop to get their reactions. Ask them questions that will build interest in the audience and initiate relevant conversations about the workshop theme.

Create a buzz 

You must use promotional videos to maintain the target audience’s interest even after you are done with the workshop. Post them to your YouTube, link them in post-event activities and communications. For example, thank-you emails, Instagram and Facebook posts, etc.

A call-to-action

Direct your potential audience to follow your channels for workshop updates. Do encourage them to sign up and register for the workshop — present and future!

Keep it short

Keep your promotional content short and crisp. This helps in keeping the audience interested, engaged, and informed.


Cross-promotions on different platforms help in spreading the word faster. These are some of the ways worth considering.

  • Publicise your workshop videos and channel on important forums, radio, TV, newsletters, websites, and other influential social networking platforms. Link your YouTube channel to websites, blogs, etc.
  • Create YouTube badges that display your YouTube presence.
  • Allow embedding. This allows others to distribute for you. For example, you can use the embed URL to embed your promotional videos on your website. Make sure you send these links to blogs that display your workshop content.
  • Interact with your target audience. Don’t be shy while communicating. For example, speak directly to your YouTube community, be comfortable with them and ask them to subscribe to your channel and attend your workshop. 
  • Use workshop descriptions and related banners to encourage and motivate participants to like and subscribe.
  • Turn on comments on promotional pages.
  • Make it easier for the target audience to find videos on your YouTube channel.
  • Interact with your audience through shoutouts, comments, and by asking questions and for their ideas and opinions.
  • Encourage Contests.
  • Use eye-catching posters and titles
  • YouTube Promotional Videos allow the uploader to surface their content on YouTube by focusing on participants interested in seeing their workshop content. Utilise that opportunity.


YouTube is a social media heavyweight. A substantial portion of your potential audience is available on YouTube. That makes promoting videos and content related to workshops on this platform imperative. So Creators, the next Mango that you create on TagMango, promote your workshop on YouTube for sure. And we are sure we have helped you in ways to do so!

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