7 ideas to earn money as an actor from TagMango!

In this blog, we’ll tell you the ways which you can use to make money and monetize your content as an actor from TagMango.

Gone are the days when actors could earn only via performing. At TagMango we let you monetize everything right from your personality to knowledge to your skills. This article will guide you through various ways in which you as an actor can earn via our platform not just by teaching acting but making an active community of your followers.

1) Fan interactions – 

The most obvious mango would be to interact with your fans! This is possible through video calls, video shoutouts, special message DMs etc. For all these services, you can charge your fan an amount and give them a memorable experience to cherish forever!

2) Everyday/weekly tips –

Everyday/Weekly tips and newsletters can be provided. This can include a wide variety of topics like acting lessons, do’s and don’ts for auditions, building a portfolio, online auditioning, teaching acting skills, etc.

3) Personal feedback on Portfolio –

Subscribers of this mango will get a chance to get their portfolios reviewed by you. This will be a two-way conversation in which you can suggest tips and tricks to improve their portfolio. We will be having an exclusive feature for the same which will be coming very soon!

4) Group consultations –

A lot of beginners in the industry might want to know the correct way to make it through. As such you can hold group sessions that help them navigate the world of acting in practical ways. Acting is an art and you can teach them acting through these group video call sessions or classes. 

5) Teach Acting –

You can create mangoes where you give individual acting lessons to beginners in the acting industry. This can be via the one-on-one video call feature on TagMango which allows the subscriber to talk to you on a video call for a specified period of time. You can charge him/her accordingly.

6) Acting workshops/classes –

Acting workshops can be conducted using various features of our platform. The duration, date, time, etc can be decided by you and you can charge the subscribers accordingly. Occasionally acting competitions or theatre workshops can also be held. These not just provide for a great way of learning but also help you monetize well. Click here to know how to use the video feature on TagMango.

7) Podcasts –

Everyday audio podcasts about your personal struggle/motivational instances from the past or tips for actors new to the industry etc can be provided. Since this is one of the most competitive fields, it is super important to stay motivated.


These were a few examples to help you understand TagMango better. You can try out various other ways to earn via our platform. Email us at support@tagmango.com for any queries. Happy creating!


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