7 New Reasons To Love TagMango — App Updates

TagMango App Updates

With everything that’s new around you, how does one keep track? 

It sure gets difficult to know with so many things coming your way, but when it comes to TagMango – we’ve got you covered!

Apart from an immense amount of love, we surely appreciate some solid constructive feedback from our customers. We have been working on our tool for over a year now – with improvements that we never imagined were possible when we started with!

This week has been a roller coaster and a coffee blinker for our tech team with some crazy new updates rolling out. 

Here’s what’s new on TagMango –

1. Mango Description:

Want to enhance the important phrases play around with the annunciation? Now you can do that and speak with your text. Now, you can format text and make it bold or in italics. Cool, right?

2. GST:

Now, it’s mango-centric and you-centric. Charge GST for a single mango or across all your mangoes at your convenience. Enter your GST details in your profile and enable GST for mango with just a click!

3. URL:

Long bulky URLs crowding up your social media? Not anymore. New and improved shorter URLs are here for your convenience. 

4. Pre-recorded content:

Share video content with faster load speed, single Tap play, playback speed, mute/unmute. And most importantly, you can even create catchy thumbnails for your subscribers to enhance the experience. 

5. JusPay:

All your subscribers can have all that you have to offer by “Jus-paying” for it! The new and enhanced payment gateway has been integrated to ensure smoother transactions!

6. Playlists:

Curate, play, watch again! Create playlists of your pre-recorded content and have everything in place.

7. Dyte: 

Interact like never before, Dyte is our built-in video conferencing tool that enables you to schedules meetings, host them and even share the recorded sessions. All of it without having to leave the App!

We are constantly learning, growing and improving, and want you to have an aam-tastic experience with us. 

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