7 ways in which a singer can earn from TagMango!

In this blog, we’ll tell you the ways which you can use to make money and monetize your content as a singer from TagMango.

Earning money from home online is no brainer in today’s times. If you’re a singer and you’ve been wanting to earn money online then you’re at the correct place. TagMango helps creators monetize in ways more than one. Singing as a career will now be easier to pursue when you’re on TagMango. This is because you get many monetization opportunities to help scale your revenue up! Here are a few services you can sell as a Singer on our platform:

1) Exclusive community –

The best part of being a singer is the die-hard fans that you make as and when you grow. Building a community for these fans and followers can be extremely profitable for you. You can distribute exclusive covers, unplugged songs, go live with select members and interact with them etc. There is a lot you can do with a community on TagMango!


2) Individual Singing lessons –

Consider this an online version of your regular individual singing lessons. Subscribers of this mango will be able to get on a one on one video call session with you and take lessons. 

3) Online competitions –

Hosting online singing competitions will now be easier with TagMango. Subscribers can participate via this mango. The duration and dates can be chosen by you. You can charge the participants and viewers accordingly.


4) Chat sessions/phone calls – 

Your fans/followers would undoubtedly want to talk to you to solve their queries and get a chance to speak to their favourite creator. This is exactly what this mango would allow you to do! It will allow a two-way conversation between you and your subscriber.

5) Workshops/Courses – 

You can use various features on TagMango to create a course or workshop for your subscribers. These can include pre-recorded videos / audio vaults / live sessions etc / text-based content etc. Click here to know how to use the content feature on TagMango.


6) Fan interactions  –

This allows the subscriber to book a video shoutouts/book video calls to interact with you. For a fan/follower, a call or video like this can mean a lot and can also help you make additional revenue.


7) Daily/weekly tips –

This mango allows you to publish daily weekly tips/newsletters etc on the page. These tips would be exclusive to TagMango and can cover a wide range of topics like “how to improve as a singer”, “do’s and don’ts for your studio” etc.

The above were a few examples to help you understand how you as a singer can earn via TagMango however when it comes to our platform, there are n number of ways you can think of. So stop waiting and start creating!

If you’ve any queries about anything, please reach out to us at support@tagmango.com and we will give our best to help you!

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