8 amazing ideas to earn money as a podcaster from TagMango!

In this blog, we’ll tell you the ways which you can use to make money and monetize your content as a podcaster from TagMango.

Podcasting in India has been growing at a pace faster than ever. India is the third-largest market for podcasts after the US and China (Podcasting Trends in India 2019–20 | by Hubhopper Press ). Indian podcasters and content creators have recently been in limelight due to the wide variety of niches they create podcasts on. Making money online as a podcaster is not as tough as it looks. Indian podcasters can now make money online in various ways at Tagmango. Here’s how :


1) One on one video sessions with your subscriber – 

You can create a mango that allows your subscriber to talk to you for a specified period. During the session, you can give them personalized suggestions or bits of advice on being a podcaster. Apart from that, you and your subscriber can discuss any topic you wish to and you can charge him/her for the same.

2) Daily/Weekly audio tips:

Podcasting is an art and as such you via daily/weekly tips can teach your audience a wide range of topics like audio editing for podcasts, speaking confidently, best apps to use, etc. A low price point mango here will help in building a big community.

3) Group sessions with subscribers –

Group sessions/classes can cover a wide range of topics about podcasts and podcasting in India. Hold ‘ask me anything’ and doubt clearing sessions and discussions on topics true to your niche. Even brainstorm for podcast ideas is possible.


4) Collaborate with your subscribers –

The subscribers who sign up for this mango can be allowed to feature in one of your podcast episodes or live sessions on your social media. Likewise, you can think of any other form of collaboration and create a mango for it. For instance, you can choose one lucky subscriber to be a guest at your podcast every month.


5) Exclusive Chat –

A mango where your subscribers get to talk to you via text messages and ask you questions/doubts they wish to be cleared. Alternatively, if they just wish to chat because they are die-hard fans, that works too!


6) Courses / Workshops –

You can create courses, workshops, webinars, etc. on TagMango that could be pre-recorded or live. Based on your expertise you can continue creating these as a mango when you desire and charge your subscribers accordingly! This is more for podcasters who are into an educational podcast.


7) Behind the scenes/bloopers (Exclusive content) –

This mango can be used to put unedited clips, bloopers etc. It may also cover topics like your process of podcast creation and exclusive behind the scenes. Fans of a podcast are always looking for more content and this mango would be the best way to provide it.


8) Support page – 

If you’re not looking to create a lot of mangoes and primarily just want it as a means to support your podcast, you can do so via creating a mango asking your fans to donate/support you. In return, you can provide extra content or anything that we have covered in the other points.

 You can create exclusive podcasts for the subscribers in a particular mango. These podcasts would only be available on TagMango for the subscribers of the respective mango.  Email us at support@tagmango.com for any further queries.

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