5 Aesthetic Spots At The TagMango Creator Pad That Are PERFECT Backdrop For Your Next Shoot!

5 Aesthetic Spots at TagMango Creator Pad

Helllo, Creators! Have you been to the COOLEST space i.e. our TagMango Creator Pad yet? If you have then we know you know how cool and awesome the space is. If you haven’t, don’t worry, we are telling you all about it, visually this time!

We launched India’s very first Creator Pad which doubles up as our office space and yours too. But not only is it a co-working, co-living and co-creating place, but it is space picture-perfect for any kind of shoot!

So if you are a creator, and you are looking for an aesthetic, vibrant and lively shoot location, then our Creator Pad is perfecto for it! Tall claim, you feel? How about we visually present you proof! Ride along, as we are highlighting the most charming, camera-friendly spots of the Creator Pad.

1. By the bae, by the pool!

TagMango Creator Pad Pool

Situated right on the Juhu Beach, our Pad is a beach bungalow with a pool overlooking the Arabian Sea. We got sunbeds, hammocks, swings, an upper deck, a manicured lawn, pool floaties, seats by the pool and what not!

Pick any nook of this flawless space. Yep, those towering trees are coconut trees, rounding off our full beach look!

Pool TagMango Creator Pad

At night, it looks ethereal as if the constellations and our fairy lights jointly illuminate the space.

2. In front of the signage!

Creator Pad

One of the coolest hangs of the Pad has to be this gorgeous neon-lit signage that spell out the name of the place. That bamboo-wall divider you see, has signage on front and back. And both the places are ‘Gram-worthy!

Creator Pad

Okay, we gotta be totally honest with you guys! We also do most of our posing in front of this space. It really sums up the vibe of the place. Don’t you think that too?!

3. Our Purple Couch

Purple Couch

Not exactly the orange F.R.I.E.N.D.S couch but this purple one’s a beaut! This corner is chic, classy and sophisticated. The coffee tables complement the tones of the corner which is rounded off with pretty lamps, a bookshelf, and that spotlight we put on the wall for y’all!

It is apt for any kind of pose or any shoot so that if you wanna transcend from fun to chic, you can do so in a matter of seconds!

4. Work hard, play hard!

Backdrop At TagMango

That be your motto for life? Then, we have the most suitable backdrop for that. Cuz, we are the same! We love this wall. Issa vibe, totally!

And the bike can be dismounted too in case you don’t want it in your frame!

5. This WALL!!

Anime Art Wall At TagMango Creator Pad

How cool is this anime art? We say pretty cool! But are saying this without any bias. Okay a dash of bias. But the colours, the setting, the art itself speaks volumes and you posing against this or keeping this as your hero frame will make the final frame look super-awesome. Don’t you think?

Creator Pad

Not only these backdrops, but every nook and cranny of the TagMango Creator Pad is picture-perfect to be your next backdrop for your next shoot! We know there is a dearth of spaces that enable creation in the Maximum City, space itself is a concept that a city like Mumbai and its dwellers grapple with. But don’t worry, you can BOOK this space for your next shoot. But you have to book it in advance! And the link for that is THIS!

Images and Words by: Rachna Srivastava

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