Checklist: 4 Affordable Vlogging Equipment You Need To Start Your Video Making Journey


Videos are fun to watch, but a lot goes on BTS (not the band, guys; behind the scenes) in creating those fun and engaging videos. It is 2022, and everyone (okay, not everyone but creators at large) is into vlogging or making videos for their brands. While you can definitely get started on your phone, let’s be honest, you definitely need some basic vlogging set-up to get started on your video-making journey. Don’t cha worry, we got you covered! Need to know what are the basic gadgets or vlogging equipment you need to start making videos at home? Keep reading.

1. Phone

Vlogging Equipment Phone

Duh! This one’s a given. If you wanna make videos, you need a shooting device. If you don’t want to invest in a professional camera that costs a bomb, you can definitely get started with your smartphone. We live in a world where phones are getting way smarter and the cameras on our phones are getting upgraded with top-notch specs.

While an iPhone remains an undeterred name in the field when it comes to camera quality, much loved OnePlus phones are also offering exceptional video quality. Brands like Sony, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Samsung too have great lenses that will do the job!

TagMango Recommends: If you have the budget for it go for iPhone 13 for its exceptional sharpness. And if you are looking for a budget option but a great camera, get OnePlus Nord 2.

2. Tripod or Monopod

Vlogging Equipment Tripod

This one’s as basic as a shooting device. Nobody likes shaky footage or watching distorted videos. It puts the audience off and one of the keys to audience retention is that you have a steady camera. You would definitely wanna invest in a good tripod that will offer you that steadiness. Monopods are also good if you have someone behind the camera or you wish to take some shots that involve you recording objects with a lot of movement.

Traditional tripods and ones used in a professional set-up are extremely heavy and it is a task carrying them around. But hey, don’t worry there are lightweight ones available too that do the trick. You might want to check Amazon Basics’s tripod that is cheap, lightweight and durable.

TagMango Recommends: Digitek DMP 60 N Professional Monopod is a budget buy that is great for shooting hand-held. AmazonBasics 50-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag is tried and tested 

3. Ring Light

Vlogging Equipment Ring Light

It’s natural for you to get hold of the bright sunlight for your selfies and photos, right? Well, ring lights are in a way your sun. People engage with bright, attractive videos. And a ring light helps you achieve just that. Millions of content creators worldwide use ring lights to make their videos aesthetic and eye-pleasing. And you should definitely do so. Right from a mobile-cover ring light to ones that come with multiple setting modes, you can get many variations of it, available across budgets. You can get it for as low as Rs 1000 or as high as Rs 15,000. It all depends on the output you are looking for. Check out Amazon for some affordable options. There are also local equipment shops where you can try and pick up the right ring light for you.

4. Mic (Microphone)

Vlogging Equipment Mic

If you are going to be making videos in which talking is involved or you are speaking to/behind the camera, then you should definitely invest in a lapel mic. Nobody likes noisy background sounds, and sound is one of the most overlooked aspects of videos. So reducing background noise using a good mic is key. You can use a USB condenser mic or Lapel (Lavalier) mic. Maono has budget lapel mics which are good on sound quality. JBL also has budget mics. If you have the budget for it, the Blue Yeti’s USB condenser mic is also worth an investment.

Other vlogging equipment/accessories: Phone holder, connectors, equipment bag, memory card, hard drive, etc.

We at TagMango want every creator to flourish and want to help every creator monetise their content. So start investing in proper equipment and get started on your vlogging journey.

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