Are Reels Ruining Music?

are reels ruining music

The most popular and trending content these days is grooving to the snippets of music. Be it TikTok, Instagram reels, or Youtube shorts, these social media apps have extensively used music to get tremendous engagement. 

Using the music in fragments comes up with its own advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes, these social media platforms help upcoming composers get their big break, but it takes away the composer’s identity when overused without proper credits. 

We have analysed the advantages and disadvantages of using music in fragments on these social media platforms. 




Stance A: Yes, they do ruin the music

Trends frustrates

Trends in social media are very short-lived. While the music composed will be alive for eternal years, using them in reels and TikTok videos comes a wave and vanishes in a short time. They go viral, stay in trend and die over time.

Every content creator and influencer on social media platforms try to use the music and create content in that short period. Even common social media users go with the trend and create content. It makes the music overused and in some time, it starts frustrating to hear them again and again in repeat mode. 


Creators identity die-out

Recently, the Kacha Badam song, the brainchild of Bhuban Badyakar, a peanut seller, has been trending on social media. In just two months, it hit 21 million views on youtube and its remix version has been used to create 80K reels on Instagram. 

More than the original version, the remix version was getting more attention and along with that, it took many days to find Bhuban, as the song was recorded by someone else and uploaded on youtube. 

So, in both monetary and recognition, the composer or creators’ identity gets lost with the trends. There are more chances to use the music without due credits too. And also use them to mix up music, make unlicensed remixes or cover versions, or use them for commercial purposes. 

Partial attention

Only partial or fragments of music hit the people’s attention in TikTok/reels. It stops the whole music/song from getting equal attention. People get used to that 30 sec, never go beyond that and listen to them fully.

And also, social media platforms and their algorithms ease off the dying trends and make room for new trends, so most of the music that deserves full attention dies out in a short period. 


Stance B: No, they don’t ruin music, actually!

Space for upcoming creators

Music used to be an industry of only a few before these social media platforms came into action. People used to struggle a lot to get recognition for their musical talent. But social media has made it easy for upcoming composers and singers to exhibit their talent. 

Yashraj Mukhate, a music enthusiast, became an overnight music sensation when he created a spoof music video of a Hindi television soap opera scene. It went viral and even top Indian celebrities were dancing to his tunes. 

Promotion Space

The entertainment and music industry now uses social media and influencers to promote their creations. Promoting movies via reels using the songs that are part of the movie helps them reach the movie to a larger audience. 


A recent movie, ‘Pushpa’ performed huge at the box office when released. And one of the main reasons for it was its songs, which went viral on TikTok and Instagram reels.

Community engagement

Music composers, labels, producers, and music personalities use TikTok and Instagram reels to build their personal brands. They create their own fan base on social media. Then they gradually engage with them and progressively build a community. 

It will help individual composers a lot. They don’t need a large band or label to produce music and launch them live. They can study their audience’s interests, produce music and upload it to social media, and the community will help them see success. If composers need financial support to pursue their art, they can organise crowdfunding campaigns and get support from their community. 

Every aspect of the Internet comes with pros and cons. As content creators, you should utilise the platforms to establish your talent and gain recognition. As you know the negative aspects of the Internet, try to find solutions and safeguard your art and content. 

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