Are You A Freelancer? Here’s Another Source Of Income To Explore!


Since COVID-19 hit, the freelance sector has been skyrocketing in India. The past couple of years saw many agile changes in how Indian youths look upon employment. India is also highly active in its entrepreneurship and startup wave. Along with these, underemployment issues, employee dissatisfaction, and work from home employment culture also stand as reasons for increases in the number of freelancers in India.

India is currently home to 15 million freelance workers engaged in projects across various industries. ASSOCHAM – a leading Indian trade association, reports that India’s freelance sector is expected to increase to $455 billion by 2024. Freelancing opportunities will primarily affect and influence how Indian youth seek employment in the future. 

And if you are a freelancer, let’s disuss a few top-paying freelance opportunities in India. We have also analysed a few scale-up options for freelancers. Have a read!

Five top-paying freelancer opportunities in India

Freelance Writing


Freelance writing is one of the oldest freelance jobs in India. It always had huge opportunities and also pays well. Freelance writing has taken up digital forms now. From assignment writing to research & thesis writing to white paper writing to SOPs to cover letters to various forms of content writing, it comes with endless opportunities. 

Content writing in recent times has become one of the high-ticket freelancing jobs globally. It also includes blogging, newsletter, e-book writing, email copies, product descriptions, webinar scripts, web copies, social media content, and other copywriting & scriptwriting jobs. Content is king of the digital age and every business across industries needs content to pull users and persuade them to buy their products/services. In fact, a recent study shows that Web Content Writing is a skill that Content Writers need in 2022.

Freelance Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Digital Marketing is a broad sector that encompasses many freelance options such as social media marketing, SEO specialist, content strategist, email marketer, PPC experts, and many others. After learning digital marketing as a broad subject, you can niche down to one service you are interested in and start working as a freelancer. 

Digital marketing is the future of marketing and advertising, so if you start as a freelance digital marketer now, you can thrive along with the industry. As a digital marketer, you need to undertake competitor analysis, market and customer research, strategise a digital marketing plan, attract leads, and study the conversion ratio, and a lot more. Digital Marketing is becoming a well-paying job recently. This article will show you the top 10 highest digital marketing jobs in India today!

Freelance Financial Consultancy

Financial consultancy is a high-paying and thriving freelance field with a broadened scope. Before a decade, only companies and businesses used to have financial consultants, but now even individual go-to consultants offer financial advice. 

Financial consultants primarily study clients’ financial situations, assets, income and advice them on planning their investments, taxation and future plans. Entrepreneurs, startups, retired persons and other business holders are looking for freelance financial consultants. 

As a financial consultant, you can also narrow down your service to a niche. You can be an investment consultant, income-expenditure tracker coach, assets manager, insurance advisor, debt counselor, personal banking coach, or stock market advisor. 

Freelance Web-developers


No business or industry can operate without a digital presence in this digital era. The primary feature for establishing a digital presence is a website. Inside the IT sector, Web development has enormous freelance opportunities. If you are in sync with the latest skills like Python, Java, PHP, etc., you can definitely get high-paying gigs.


As a web developer, you have to design, build and maintain websites, which requires a lot of research. You can specialise as a front-end web developer or back-end developer. Unlike other freelance jobs, web development can bring in many recurring opportunities. The client needs support for timely updates of the website, maintenance, and other troubleshooting action. 

You can also close your gig saying you will design, build and maintain the website for said months or years with a number of promised updates.

Freelance Graphic designers

graphic design

A Graphic designer’s primary work is to convey client information to their target audience in a visually appealing way. These visuals mostly will combine the power of images, colours and words. As a graphic designer, you need to use tools and design software to communicate clients’ information to their users. 

These include designing social media posts, reports, advertisements, banners, brochure illustrations and infographics. You can collaborate with freelance marketers, web designers, social media managers and content writers; as they require visuals in their work, they can source it for you.

Next step after freelancing

Once you start getting continuous freelance gigs, you have to scale up your career to the next stage. As you keep working and start closing gigs at high-paying rates, you will attain expertise in your niche. Once you become an expert in your niche, you can build a team and grow into an agency to start providing your services to multiple clients at the same time. 

You can start building your personal brand and start sharing your knowledge at this stage. You can build your website & social media presence and start giving out value in every possible way, like blogging, YouTube videos, Facebook groups, Quora, etc. It will get you a set of followers and you can start building your community.

The next step up is to impart that knowledge. With your expertise in your niche, know-how of freelancing and having a community who is already gaining knowledge from you – you can now start monetising your expertise. You can start by hosting webinars or being guest speakers at events, or host workshops.  

Once you gain confidence in teaching, you can build your own courses and build an academy to keep coaching students in your niche. 

TagMango – the ultimate monetisation tool

TagMango is a platform for content creators, freelancers and influencers that helps them monetise their expertise and skillset by helping them conduct highly interactive workshops, and even webinars and courses. TagMango has in-built tools that will help you host your workshops.

TagMango will unlock your earning potential and will let you have a sustainable source of income. You can host exclusive paid workshops for your community or paid members to upskill them and grow them into more knowledgeable communities. 

Also soon, with TagMango, you can also represent your creations and content as NFTs and monetise them by making them available to the exclusive or top members in your community. At TagMango’s NFT Marketplace, freelancers can create and distribute NFTs and make a sustainable income out of them. You can also sell your NFTs quickly with zero gas fees at TagMango.

If you’re a freelancer or a content creator and thinking about how to scale up your career or add another source of income, then come become a Creator on TagMango.Sign up as a creator to host your workshops easily. Come, take the first step towards monetising your content!

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