Brand influencers – the new age drivers of sales

Traditional marketing is great, but we live in digital times which calls for embracing and adopting influencer marketing to bump up the sales for your business. Brand influencers today are rapidly creating a connect between customers and brands. Most importantly, they bring in sales! This is why brands are actively adding a pool of brand influencers and advocates to their kitty.

What sets influencers apart?

Being trendy and reliable – these set social influencers apart. Influencer marketing is the new trend and it is converting a lot of people who are experts on popular topics like lifestyle, fashion, sports, etc. into brand advocates. They are like mini-celebrities who operate from the comforts of their homes and social media platforms. 

Why would consumers listen to brand influencers?

Brand Influencers break the clutter by creating refreshing, engaging and innovative content which appeals to their fan base. They are a trustworthy source of information as they are constantly participating in conversations on the internet, creating user-generated content and updating themselves on the latest trends, making it easy for you to put your faith in them. The best trait of influencers is their approachability. They’re willing to talk, discuss and answer queries or comments that their followers pose on their social pages, chat groups or private messages and are happy to converse even with strangers.

If there’s one thing that people love the most, it is assurance. The involvement of the human factor in terms of an approachable influencer sets them apart from any commercial advertisements.

Influencers as drivers of consumption

Unlike paid ads that may or may not be seen by everyone, a status update or a picture posted by an influencer is more visible, liked, shared and talked about. If a brand could harness this kind of visibility, the results would be tremendous. Influencers would simply have to give a ‘shout out’ to your brand or post a picture or talk about it in a blog and you can be sure to have a few new eyes looking at your brand and considering it. Small videos or pictures posted by a social influencer can get shared or ‘retweeted’ more than a hundred thousand times. When an influencer collaborates with a brand, the latter gets a share of this recognition and circulation for the sole reason that these influencers are brand advocates and their army of followers trust them wholeheartedly.

Visibility and circulation spread awareness about your brand and this piques curiosity and interest. In no time there would be a flock of people who will look out for your website and check out your brand. When more and more people have an interest in your brand, they will generate well-wanted traffic to your website and make a few cursory clicks which could culminate into a sale and therefore, a new customer. All this could be just because an influencer posted something about your brand on their social media page – This is taking sales and marketing to a whole new level of engagement and sales conversion!

Influencer Marketing – the new age truth of marketing

One cannot gather the power that brands have on their consumers. Nor can one gauge the astonishing power that brand influencers have today. They wield a powerful weapon in today’s era – the power of influence. Businesses have realized the importance of influencer marketing and have already started reaching out to many potential influencers. This niche has so much growth that by the new year, we will see strong collaborations between influencers and brands. Influencer marketing has changed the game of marketing and it is rewriting the rules.

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