Carryminati – Taking YouTube (and Tik-tok) by storm

Over the last few days, the Indian social space has been infiltrated by one man, one content creator – Carryminati. A 20-year old Youtuber, who has always enjoyed a great following on Youtube. However, if you’re wondering as to WHAT THE HELL did he do to suddenly become viral everywhere, you will find your answers here.

Ajey Nagar is known for creating content across various niches – Gaming, Acting, Roasts, Singing, Meme culture etc. At just 20 years of age, and until the 8th of May, 2020, Carryminati had almost 10.9 million subscribers. And then all hell broke loose!

What Happened?

Carryminati used the IGTV video of Amir Siddiqui where he compared YouTubers and Tik-Tokers and how the latter deserve equal praise for the work they put in for creating content on Tik-Tok. Amir also pointed out a few flaws with YouTubers, how they ‘use’ Tik-Tok content for their virality, and how YouTubers ‘lack unity’ as well.

Amir Siddiqui’s video around which Carryminati created content

The video was posted about a week prior to Carryminati’s video – before Amir took it down, and also ‘apologised‘ to YouTubers if he offended any of them.

One of the screenshot’s of Amir’s apology from his official IG page

He mentioned he was not looking to degrade YouTubers or any content creators. He just wanted there to be a sense of harmony amongst creators – where both sets respect each other and what they produce for their audiences.

However, Carryminati then did what he does best and what he’s known for – putting up a roast of Tik-Tok in general and its creators in particular general on his YouTube channel.

And that was when he went viral – YOUTUBE VS TIK TOK: THE END.

Carryminati started his video by addressing the video, what he thought about it and launched missiles towards Tik-Tokers and the community of the platform’s creators. He verbally assailed where Amir’s educational background (you must’ve seen lots of ‘Moscow’ jokes) and his words and mannerisms, notwithstanding his viral Tik-Tok videos.

He also compared the final output and the sheer difference between the content quality and effort between the two platforms.

The video has now been removed. But you can still view by clicking on this link.

Carryminati’s virality in numbers –

  • Views – As evident as it is from the graph, Carryminati’s YouTube Channel’s overall views catapulted and how! He clocked unrealistic numbers and became the video became the 2nd most liked video on YouTube in 24 hours!
The colossal rise in views on Carryminati’s YouTube channel
  • Subscribers – We had initially pointed out that he had 10.9 million subscribers before the 8th of May. Now, as we write this, he has 15.4 million subscribers. To put that into perspective, that’s gaining almost 1.37 million Youtube subscribers on a DAILY basis.

How Carryminati’s subscribers grew after the viral video
  • Google Trends:

Carryminati was trending all over India after the video – which is every content creator’s dream!

Unrealistic graph lines – clocked by Carryminati

  • Day-by-day breakup:

To put things into the best possible analysis, you can find how Carryminati’s Youtube grew, according to Trackalytics.

So, what worked for Carryminati?

  • Nuance: Carryminati has a certain style, where he is crass, full of voice modulations, loud and blunt. He is direct in what he says and comes up with the most hilarious analogies. Being consistent with his style helped him keep the distinctive mannerisms only he possesses.
  • Relevance: You’ll find videos degrading Tik-Tok everywhere as lots of content creators have dismissed the video-making platform on a number of occasions. He tapped on that, used Amir Siddiqui’s video as a foundation, and created his content.
  • Delivery: While what Carryminati is debatable, he tried backing his points (or missiles) by showing videos, examples and instances of the – ‘Cringe-worthy content’ he believes plagues Tik-Tok.
  • Existing popularity: Carry has always been a celebrated Youtuber and an original content creator. His already existing and loyal fan-base did the best thing they could, as they took the word of mouth marketing digital by sharing it on every social media platform out there!

Some of the comments across YouTube and Instagram for Carryminati

There are lots of people who are against the style in which Carryminati puts up content, specifically pointing out at his filthy usage of words, constant barrage of abuses. Which is true to quite an extent!

His audience, however, doesn’t mind as they know and have followed him for his distinctive style and commentary.

Going viral to this extent is every content creators dream, and what they work towards – irrespective of which platform they’re creating it in. And here’s Carryminati, being the perfect epitome of that!

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