Common Challenges Faced By Content Creators & How To Deal With Each One

The grass is greener on the other side, isn’t it?! From the peephole if you see, a content creator’s life seem to be all glamorous and luxurious. But there are challenges faced by Content Creators. Creators have to go through a long process at the to curate and produce content that is engaging and enticing. 

Right from coming up with endless ideas, developing them into the content, publishing it, maintaining their community, to marketing the content and building the personal brand, being a content creator is not that easy as people think it to be. And we understand it very well. 

Creating content needs a lot of energy. When doing that on a regular basis, it might get more challenging. Most often, the issues faced by content creators to create content on a daily basis are kept unnoticed. So, we have enlisted a few problems content creators face and possible ways to overcome them.

Problems Faced by Creators While Creating Content

Content Creation Burn-out

Creator Burn out

The biggest problem that content creators face is producing high-quality, unique content time and again. They need to catch the latest trends; at the same time, add their unique, personal touch. Brainstorming and generating ideas is fairly easy, but creators need endless motivation to get them to execute their ideas. Most creators know consistency is the key to building their personal brand and community. But the relentless pressure to be consistent and unique can make creators exhausted and burnt-out after a point of time.

How to overcome burn-outs?

Strike the balance! Have a healthy work-life balance. Burn out mainly results from not having the proper relaxation time. You should have a balanced approach to spending your time as a Creator and being YOU. You need to relax, socialise and have time for other activities.  

Upskill your way! As a Creator, you always need to keep your learning curve open. If a part of  the Content Creation process takes longer than expected, you should upskill yourself to make the process easier. Example,  If you are good at capturing reels quickly, but it takes long hours for you to edit it, it can be exhausting. Ideally, you should concentrate on improving your editing skill or outsource the work to a video editor. 

Creative Block

creative block

Creative Blocks! Creative Blocks… Creative Blocks  It is grueling to expect creators to be creative for 365 days, 24×7. Every Creator will face a situation wherein their creativity wavers and they feel there is nothing more left to create. But hey, that’s not true. Ccreative blocks are natural, and it’s ok to feel so. What  matters is to get your creative juices flowing  and keeping your consistency in life. 

The process of overcoming Creative Blocks is subjective and varies from person to person. While everyone has their own methods of getting out of a creative block, we have a couple of cool ways in mind.

Consume content outside your niche! You can read a book, watch a movie/series, cook, listen to podcasts, TEDtalks or do anything that will refresh your mind. It is good to absorb content from outside your niche, as it will help in boosting your inspiration and creativity. 

Change your workspace! Since most Creators work from the same place every day, it becomes mundane. If you work from home, change your location to some co-working space or if you work from an office, shift to a coffee shop for a day. Change in space and meeting new people is a pleasant way to fan Creativity. The best solution? Come to out Creator Pad, which is a co-working, co-living space just for creators. This co-working space has endless possibilities that will get you out of your creator block! And what better view than that of the Arabian Sea laid out in front of the Pad to refresh your mind? 

Uncertainty with the Content Performance

Every Creator faces a persistent dilemma over the performance of their content. Will their content have an extensive reach or not? Will the client be happy with the content? Will it get good engagement. Likes, shares, etc? Is it entertaining enough? Etc, etc! Remember answers to these questions are arbitrary. So it is important to not fuss much over it and keep your calm!

You can try these couple of ways over overcome this.

Write down your uncertainty! It is important to understand what you feel uncertain about to resolve it. Note it down and look for a solution. You can discuss with your team or community to find the answer and thereby overcome it. 

Get a team!  It is highly advisable to have a team that will help you scale up your content creation and your personal brand. Having an efficient team that’s working together will make your content creation process highly creative, qualitative and less worrisome. Delegation is key! 

Personal Branding and Marketing

For Creators building a personal brand, along with marketing their content is fundamentally essential. It will help you build credibility and make you stand differentiated among fellow competitive creators. 

But building a personal brand and marketing the services is not easy and definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes a long time to communicate your purpose through your content to establish your personal brand. You can collaborate with personal branding experts or branding agencies who will help you build your personal branding strategies and also act on them.. 

Collaboration & Networking

Let’s admit it! It is a task to find good collaborations that add value to both the brand collaborating and to YOU. Still, brands come with a barter system or low paid offers. And if an great collaborative offer does come your way, you need to put a herculean effort into making it recurring thing.  

While creating content and finding ways to monetise the content, you need to spend enough time on networking. With a good network, you can pull off collaborations from top brands, opportunities to co-create content and build collectively beneficial relationships.


TagMango! We are a SAAS tool that enables Creators to monetise their respective skill-set. You actually don’t need to rely on brand collaborations for your earnings. Instead, you can offer your exclusive content like workshops, courses, NFTs (soon to-be launched) and more, and monetise it on the platform.

And our Creator Pad is the perfect place to network with the right people and build relationships as we keep having community events and lot more. So you simply concentrate on creating, we got your back!

Being a content creator come with great responsibility, and it involves ample commitments. And the above-mentioned challenges are part of it. You simply have to overcome them to progress and move ahead to be successful. Or do things at your own time and pace!

We at TagMango are committed to help Creators monetise their content. TagMango unlocks your earning potential and enables you to have a sustainable source of income.

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