Content Creators are the future – here’s why!



Remember when magazine covers used to have only big screen faces and the creator economy was practically unheard of?

Well, the times are a’changin!

From working with prominent brands, starring in movies to being on the cover page of leading magazines, content creators have now become “mainstream”.

Recently, The Entrepreneur magazine’s cover page was sparkling with some of the most celebrated faces of the creators economy. These were, Bhuvan Bam, Prajakta Kohl, Carry Minati a.k.a Ajay Nagar, Masoom Minawala and Ranveer Allahbadia.


Influencing the majority:

Today, 70% of youngsters believe more in influencers than traditional celebrities. We have come a long way as creators from a small group of individuals passionate about their craft to a global community making an impact on society.

Social Media platforms like Instagram, Youtube and Tik-Tok have created endless possibilities for all types of content creators  to go all out.

Music, dance, art, culinary, communication, finance, therapy, astrology, fashion and what not. The creator economy has expanded massively in the last few years!

And not just by taking over the market but audiences’ hearts too!


Why Creators are leaders of tomorrow

Content creators have brought a major change in the way the market functions by changing the perceptions of society –

  • The leading brands are dominantly collaborating with distinct creators to influence the target audience
  • Social Media has become the ultimate source to connect, consume and create. And Creators are its lifeline!
  • By creating relatable content and providing the easy access to the audience to be in touch creators have opened a new window for audiences where they feel a strong connection.
  • More than 80% of the people trust creators on social media to choose a product or rely on a brand. There are many archetypes within the title of “creator,” each with their own specialties who have built a strong community that believes in them.

New creators are being created everyday and popular ones are only getting bigger. The change this economy is almost palpable!

At TagMango, we’re also trying to play our role in moulding the Creator economy in a pivotal way – by making creators create sustainable sources of income for themselves and turning into entrepreneurs.

Creators are powerhouses of talents, and it is only fair such talent is rewarded. Creators can host live workshops, build courses or even sell NFTs on TagMango!

The Creator economy is headed to the Moon, join the spaceship – it’s only going up! 


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