How To Create & Send Certificates On TagMango?

How To Create & Send Certificates On TagMango?

Who doesn’t love a certificate?

It has many advantages if you ask us!

Benefits of Certificates

Let me tell you there are zero downsides to a certificate. So when building your courses or hosting a workshop, make your offerings better by providing proof of learning to your community!

At TagMango, we have thought of all the features a Creator must optimally use to stand out from the herd! That’s why we have built a robust product that is equipped with so many features to make your experience is absolutely seamless.

Creating Certificates and even automating the process of sending them out is stupid simple. Let’s walk you through it!

Step 1: Go to your TagMango Creator Dashboard, and go to the Certificates panel

TagMango Dashboard

Step 2: Then, choose a pre-curated design we’ve created to make the process simpler.

Certificates Section on TagMango

Step 3: After that, select the recipient type. You can send certificates to mango, to the participants of a particular workshop, or to a course.

Certificates on TagMango

Step 4: Add the title of your offering, edit the content of the certificate by adding a variable and your certificate text.


Step 5: Upload your signature. Add your logo.


Step 6: Preview the design that is sent to your registered email id. Make as many tweaks as you please.

Step 7: All looks good? Hit “Create”.

Create Certificates

Step 8: Your certificate is ready in the dashboard, either edit your variables in the certificate or simply click on “Send to All”.

Certificates Dashboard

Step 9: And voila! You have successfully sent out certificate/s to your subscribers or for your offering!

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Remember we told you that we have thought of all the features and possibilities? Well, put things into perspective with some examples.

You must have seen that in order to send a certificate it is mandatory to pick a recipient type. This is what each one means.

Send to a mango

Mango is a service you create on the platform. Something that is crucial for everything and is linked to everything! You can choose any particular mango, be it even the one created for an offline workshop, and send certificates to all its subscribers.

In another example, say you have a mango which has multiple workshops linked, you can send out certificates to them after completion of each workshop or after the final one is done.

Send to a workshop

Say, you have created an online workshop and want to send certificates to the attendees, you can do that with a click. By selecting this field, you automatically send certificates after the successful completion of the workshop. But, one thing to note here is that it’s only valid for attendees who have done the workshop on TagMango’s in-built video calling system.

In another example, if you are hosting bundle workshops or online mentorship programs or bootcamps, you can send out certificates after completion of all the workshops.

Send to a course

Building courses on TagMango is extremely easy. And even easier is to automate your certification rollout process for a course after it is attended. Once a subscriber completes 95% of the course, the subscriber will receive his/her/their certificate in mail.

In case, their emails are wrong or they have deleted the mail by mistake, no worries. They can even download it from the course section after completion, thereby reducing your hassle of creating or issuing a new one.

Why is creating certificates on TagMango the best?

  • The design is pre-curated and you don’t need to spend hours making a new one from scratch.
  • Everything is customisable. Right from the name to logo to signature to text to date and so much more.
  • Easy to automate. You simply have to fill the fields once, and subscribers get added automatically to a particular mango or workshop and upon completion get their certificates without any glitch.

You can even watch this helpful video we created.

See, it’s so easy to create and even send out certificates right from the platform itself!

At TagMango, enabling Creator Monetisation and Creator Freedom are the mantras we live by!

If you are a Creator who is looking to start their monetisation journey, click here for a lowdown on how to get started.

TagMango is the simplest platform to build pre-recorded workshops and courses on! Come, let’s create magic together!

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Written by Rachna Srivastava

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