Creators, Here Are 15 Words You Should Know!

Creator Terms You Should Know

In any craft or trade, one must be adept with the terminology or the buzzwords of that particular field in order to successfully conduct business or negotiate better. When it comes to Creators, the Creator pool is widening but there are some basic Creator terms or lingo which stay constant! Umm, somewhat true!

The reason we say somewhat true is in the general overview sense, yes, the terms stay common but we are digitising each and every aspect of our life rather quickly. So by that logic, the everyday usage of words is also evolving rather quickly.

To make things simpler, we’ve got you a comprehensive list of Creator Terms you should add to your dictionary, like yesterday! Okay, no social pressure, but starting now is a more realistic KPI. KPI? We’ll tell you about that as well. Read on..

1. Activation

Creator Terms Creators Should Know

This is basically when a brand wants to collaborate with a Creator/Influencer for an activity. It could be related to creating content for them or simply attending any event.

2. “Always On” Campaign

You know how brands might approach Creators/Influencers for a brand activation or collaboration one time? Well, when it is “Always On” it is a brand doing a month-on-month collaboration with the Creator. So the campaign is never off, always on!

3. Creative Brief

Also called Influencer Brief, this is a document that has an outline of everything the brand wants you to have in the content you churn out for them.

4. Content Fatigue

Content Fatigue or Burnout for Creators
Image Courtesy: Flickr/Dennis Skley

This is something all Creators face some at some point fo’sure! It is the fatigue that a Creator faces when s/he/them gets overwhelmed and extremely exhausted by constantly creating content, constantly! Yes, we are talking about burnout!

5. Dark Posts

It is when you let the brands you are associating with have access to your social platform. And, instead of running native posts (we’ll get to that below), they run posts as your account which your followers will see as ads.

6. Disclosure

This is very important in today’s day and age! Disclosure basically means letting your community know whether the brand you are posting about is a paid collaboration or not. You will often see terms “Ad”, “Sponsored”, “Collaborations” being used. That’s disclosure.

7. Demographics

When you hear someone ask about what your demographic is like, it basically means they want to know your audience stats. Like, which countries they live in, the age group of your followers, the ratio between men and women, etc.

8. Editorial Calendar

Editorial Content Calendar
Image Courtesy: Influencer Marketing Hub

This is basically a chalked-out plan of content you are creating or going to create and making a calendar of it. A, it helps you be more organised and B, it ensures that your deadlines are being met.

9. Ephemeral

When you are asked to create Ephemeral Content, that basically means content that lasts for a very short time. Like, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat stories.

10. Impressions

An impression is a metric of how many actual people could have possibly seen your post or your content. In other terms, the number of times your post was displayed.

11. Keywords

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

These are words that a user will type into a search engine to find something they are looking for. Content on the Internet should be easy to find, and keywords ensure that it is easy to find. Keywords are crucial in SEO and make your content more visible.

12. KPI

Remember earlier we used KPI and said we will explain later. Here it is! So KPI is basically Key Performance Indicators. These are factors against which success can be measured. Like impressions, reach, views, engagement rate, etc.

13. Lead Time

This is basically the time you need to create that content. Like how long will it take to shoot something, write something, curate a course, or prepare for an upcoming workshop?

14. ROI

ROI= Return on Investment. It is a performance measure. It evaluates how efficient or profitable the investment is. There are different metrics that ROI is calculated against.

15. TagMango Creator

TagMango Creator

This one’s simple! You are a Creator on our platform and you are monetising your content in form of workshops, courses, and soon NFTs. *winks* Come Create with us, and we will help you monetise your skill-set! To know more about how can you be a Creator on TagMango, click here.

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Written by Rachna Srivastava

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