Creators, Friends and Chosen Family

creators, friends and chosen family

In this blog, we’ll tell you about the digital creators and their friends who turned into chosen family. Watch out for some amazing content on Social media and Youtube.

There are friends, there is family and then there is ‘chosen family’. The concept of ‘chosen family’ is that we’ve made these friends our family by choice. These digital creators’ chosen family’s are taking the content creation space by a storm, in their own unique and distinct way. Creators from different cities, following different career paths and with their own style have collaborated and formed a group to collectively create entertaining content. This has not only taken the content creation space up by a notch but has made way for healthy competition. It has also given the viewers diverse content and garnered the creator’s loyal fans. 

Initially, these digital creators took over Tiktok and now are making the best use of platforms like Instagram reels and Youtube. Most of them have youtube channels and also create engaging content on Instagram giving the viewers entertainment of their choice and an insight into their lives. Pardon me, this chosen family of creators is extremely talented, hardworking and good-looking!

The following are the coolest bunch you’ll see on the internet today: 


The DamnFam includes- Ashi Khanna, Aashna Hegde, Manav Chabrra, Arsh, Sanket Mehta, Unnati Malharkar, Tanzeel Khan, Rishab Chawla and Ady Kumar. When ‘Damn’ became an overused word amongst them and bonds became tighter than ever, they made it their family name. This fun bunch of content creators are a complete delight to the eyes. All of them with their own unique career paths, style and aura. 

About them:

For the boys – Manav and Arsh are advocates alongside being one of the most passionate bhangra dancers you’ll find on the internet. Tanzeel and Sanket are the youngest from the lot having the most beautiful voice and killer fashion sense, respectively. Lastly, Addy and Rishab are the dapper charming Delhi boys with the most adorable smiles. 

For the girls of the group, Aashna and Unnati are based out of Mumbai while Ashi is based out of Delhi. Ashna’s fashion sense, Unnati’s dance moves and Ashi’s filmy reels are to vouch for. All in all, they create mind-blowing content on Fashion, Lifestyle, and casually ace every trend on the internet. Their most-awaited and watched videos include the ‘Pack your bags’ series on a family members birthday, where they travel to celebrate and record their experience. Also, celebrations of small victories and fun challenges that they come up with are filled with joys of friendship and the love they share.

Half of them have more than a million followers and the rest are close to a million. It doesn’t end there, these achievers have featured in music singles and created their own too. We are sure their content is going to make you say ‘Damn’.


Atrangi in Hindi means ‘weird or strange’. And ‘Atrangi’ is exactly what Awez Darbar, Zaid Darbar, Nagma Mirajkar, and Anam Darbar like to call themselves. These four are the faces of Atrangz. They decided to name themselves Atrangz because of all the ‘Weirdly Amazing’ content they put out for their audience. These hardworking individuals have recently collectively opened a studio of their own. Through the studio, they aim at maximising their content creation abilities and to have a home for digital creation for creators of all sorts. 

About them:

They have the most fun team working with them, the main four being the constant sources of encouragement and motivation. They have an army of followers that not only take inspiration but are the happiest to connect with them. Being in the content creation space for quiet some years now, they started their journey from TikTok and are now taking over Instagram and its new feature Reels. Simultaneously, creating content on youtube has been a whirlwind of emotions and effort for them. They understand the pain points of budding creators like shifting locations, being kicked out from hotels and public places to showcase their talent. And so they have set a great foundation for the generations to come. 

Not only this, they are part of huge brand collaborations and music singles that have yielded them more and more success. They are the pioneers in the digital entertainment pop culture ecosystem and are only getting better day by day.


These are the most fun units you will come across who are not only raising the bar for Indian content creation high but are acing it, winning and inspiring one follower at a time. So when you’re scrolling past your reels make sure you notice these absolute stars. And just like them if you are passionate about creating content in any field, head to blogs on TagMango for just the right tips and tricks you need!





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