Female Comedy Creators – breaking stereotypes one video at a time.

“Be a man, Men don’t cry!”, “Talk Softly, Act like a Lady”, “Stop being so sensitive, you’re not a girl”. We’re sure you must have heard these sentences at some point of time in your life. Stereotypes exist and each one of us has come across some in our own way. A stereotype is nothing but an unfair generalization of traits, behavior, pattern, etc based on common experiences. However, our country is currently seeing a boom in female creators who are breaking all stereotypes associated with women.

One such big stereotype says “women are not funny” or “can’t be funny”. But the days are gone when we could actually find no evidence against the statement because, with a rise in the number of female comedians, more and more people are becoming aware of this commonly used sentence and how wrong it is. Here are 3 creators who are the best at their game.


Dolly Singh:

Best known for her character “Raju ki mummy”, Dolly Singh is one of the best female comedy content creators that the country has seen. While pursuing her master’s degree from NIFT New Delhi, Dolly got a chance to intern at IDiva.

There was a time wherein they were short of actors and hence Dolly had to jump into multi-task. That’s when she realized her passion for performing and her journey began. Today she stands strong with about 271k subscribers on Youtube and 1.1 million followers on Instagram. Despite the occasional hate received online, Dolly continues to entertain us and make us laugh with her unique characters.



Kusha Kapila:

Kusha originally wanted to become a journalist but surprisingly deviated towards content creation. She is most known for her popular character “billi maasi” and “Nayna” with millions of fans across multiple platforms. Kusha continues to entertain us and keep her unique spirit alive.

Right from creating relatable content to offbeat content to absolutely out of the box ideas, Kusha has been appreciated by all. She is a comedian many young Indian females look up-to, especially the ones who want to pursue comedy/content creation as a career.


Srishti Dixit:

Srishti started her career as a Bollywood content writer for Buzzfeed and later started acting in the videos too. A major breakthrough came when she got very popular with her video “If you acted like Poo in Real Life”. She has recently seen in “Behensplaining” a Netflix show along with Kusha Kapila which received great reviews from the audience.

Srishti has successfully established her fan following across Youtube and Instagram and continues to grow as one of the most popular female comedy creators in India.


There are numerous ladies separated from the 3 mentioned above who are wandering into comedy and slaughtering it via social media with their substance game. So the next time someone tells you to not venture into comedy because you’re a girl, you know what to say right?

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