Why Finance Creators Are Booming & How To Start Making Finance Content?

Why Finance Creators Are Booming & How To Start Making Finance Content?

Financial Literacy is a huge pain point for consumers across the globe. Diversifying income streams and empowering youth today with financial knowledge and technical expertise has become a problem statement being addressed by finance experts, traders and creators.

Financial Literacy
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Since finance is a multi-faceted sector, it encompasses stock market trading – intraday and long term, F&O trading, Forex Trading, BankNIFTY trading, Mutual Funds, ETFs, ETCs, NFT Trading, Crypto Trading, REITs, Arbitrage, tax investments, and more.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a radical change in how people today view financial concepts. Especially the youth.

Factors that have caused the shift are:

Factors for Growth in Finance Content

Saving money and making better financial decisions have taken precedence in a common man’s life more than ever.

This has directly catapulted the need for domain knowledge creators and also the market for knowledge-seekers looking to upskill themselves.

What’s the market size for Finance Creators?

Market Size for Finance Creators

The Total Addressable Market (TAM) for Finance Creators is huge.

Why is Finance Content Booming?

Reasons why Finance Content is booming

A large segment of Indians wish to invest, but don’t have required knowledge to do so. Hence, creating awareness about the stock market and its functioning and investments options already has a pre-formed market.

Why are Indians afraid of investing in stocks?

Reasons Why Indians are afraid of investing in stocks

Only a fraction of Indians are seasoned traders and many aspire to be successful ones. Additionally, some financial concepts are really hard to grasp. Hence, there is a desperate need in the market for simplifying that complex information in easily understandable concepts.

The new-age investors need information that is a package of value, entertainment and ultimately proven results.

That’s where Finance Creators come into the picture. YOU can bridge this gap.

What are the Topics most relevant to the audiences right now?

Finance Creators should focus on creating content for Gen Z (10-25) and Millennials (26-40). These are generations who consume content on their smartphones and are looking to make better financial decisions.

According to a report published on Builtvisible. on April 22, these are the topics that Gen Z and Millennials are looking to consume.

Topics to Create Finance Content on

How are Finance Creators Monetising?

In a number of ways actually!

  1. Consultancy Calls
  2. Trading
  3. Monetising their Telegram Communities
  4. By building workshops and courses

Why is Putting out Courses a must for Finance Creators?

Why Courses Are Must For Content Creators

Finance Creators x TagMango: An ever‘green’ portfolio!

TagMango caters to diverse finance creators and has facilitated financial learnings for more than 32,000 people.

Average Earning of Finance Creator on TagMango

These creators have brought few of their deepest and most value-driven insights to their growing communities through live trading workshops, portfolio reviews and improvements, offline meet-ups and “trade along” strategies.

But why TagMango?

Why not?! The edge that TagMango Finance Creators have over any other monetisation avenue is that we have made a robust product equipped with handy features that maximises a Creator’s earnings but minimise their effort in doing so!

These are the topics on which TagMango Finance Creators have hosted courses and workshops on:

topics for Finance Workshops and Courses on TagMango

We ensure that our Finance Creators don’t have to lose a sweat thinking about making money through any algorithm or brands. This is the easiest way to add another income stream.

Our top features include:

  • Mango builder – A creator’s offerings are called Mangoes. A mango can be readied in seconds.
  • Landing Page Builder – Build professionally looking websites that can be readied in 10 mins.
  • Courses – Creators can make full-fledged courses, complete with sections, chapters, resources and a lot more.
  • Integrated Chat System and Video Calling Feature – Creators can interact with their subscribers via chat or a group video call and even promote peer-to-peer communication, right in the platform itself.
  • Unique Upsell Feature – Creators can also create Upsells during live workshops. Their subscribers will not be redirected anywhere but can make a purchase without switching windows, within the call. And Creators can simultaneously get notified who has bought their Upsell in real-time.
  • Marketing Tools – With our Marketing section, a Creator can launch various Email and WhatsApp campaigns, offer discounts through coupon codes and manage the generated leads.

That’s not all, there are more features and tools that our Finance Creators are using to optimise their earnings. We firmly believe in fostering an environment in which Creators can solely focus on imparting their valuable knowledge and leaving the rest for us to take care of!

Mantra for Content Creators to Follow and Analyse their growth

What we are building is a shop for Creators to host their live, pre-recorded workshops and courses. Creators have full control over what they create, what they sell and even when they can withdraw their earnings. The platform also enables them to have a bird’s eye view and in-depth view of their services, earnings, profile visits, and so much more.

So, what are you waiting for?

Come join the league of finance creators and monetise your skill-set! Sign up!

Think Monetisation, Think TagMango!

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