Follow Three C’s To Rule As A Creator: Create, Consume and Connect

follow three rules

If you are a content creator, the three C’s “Create, Consume and Connect” mantra will help you rule as a creator. People often believe creators are the humans who have ideas and creativity inbound within themself and when they express it, it becomes a hit. But that’s not true!

As a content creator, you know that content creation is a long process. The best content is the ones that solve problems, entertain or educate people, that results after deep research and ideation process. Once the ideas get sparked, a lot of work and moulding processes go on to make the idea valuable and shareable content.


Following the three C’s rule will make your creator journey uncomplicated. The three C’s – Create, Consume and Connect are highly interconnected. Consuming content will enrich your creativity and help in creating content. It would be best if you connected with peers and audiences to keep the engagement around your content live. 

So as a content creator, it would help if you master the three C’s to grow ultimately. We have laid down a few tips and tricks to help you master them. 



Consuming content and experiences are the primary sources of building knowledge and creativity. It eventually helps you in coming up with ideas for content creation. You need to feed your brain with the right source of content. So it is essential to pay attention and consume content effectively. 

You can follow these pointers while consuming content –

  • Consume content consciously – You must have a particular purpose while consuming content. You can’t consume every content out there on the Internet. If you try to do that, you will feel burnout too soon! It would be best if you had a calculation on what you hope to get out of consuming a particular content at the end of it.
  • Be choosy while consuming content – Consuming content is easier than creating, so the temptation to consume is also high. But you can’t get succumbed to it. Follow a few thought leaders, experts, mentors and peers in your niche whose content will give you value and inspires you to create content. 
  • Consume content actionably – While consuming the content, pause and take notes simultaneously. Refresh and reorganize your notes at every possible interval. And also, always consume content with the intention of incorporating it into your content creation process.



As you consume content, you can come up with many ideas. You can choose the best idea out of them which will be relevant to your audience. The primary concern while creating content should be your audience and community. 

Your content should inspire, inform and energise your followers so that they will come back again to consume content regularly. Creating good content and adding value to your audience will help you build your community, which is essential for a content creator. The pointers below will help you create content effectively.

  • Know your target audience – Every time you create a piece of content, you will know whom you are targeting it to, so study and understand your target audience. 
  • Uniqueness – Every content you create would reflect your voice and tone to be unique among other content. You can follow the trend, but make sure you add your own elements to it to stand out. 
  • Quality over quantity – Consistency is the key to success, but you can never compromise the quality of your content. As we said before, your content should have value and be useful; if not, no one will consume your content. Even if you can create one piece of content every week, make sure you consistently create highly valuable content every week. 



Making connections and networking is a part of the creator’s life. It will be helpful for both – creating engagement around your content and consuming knowledge that will help in content creation. You can make connections with different sectors of people in your audience. Making individual connections is the stepping stone to building a huge community. 

Making connections and talking to your audience will build trust in you and your creation. And if you can be there for your audience when they have concerns, they will go on to become loyal members of your community. 

Networking with your peers and experts in your niche or industry is as important as your connections with your audience. networking will help you in upskilling and finding inspiration to create more. It will also open doors for collaboration and co-creation. 

Consume, Create, Connect and Repeat

The three C’s make a virtuous circle. All three elements are essential parts of the creator’s journey. If you stop doing any one of them, your life as a creator will become arduous. As said earlier, consume, create and connect are highly interconnected; how far you are on the journey of being a creator, you need to follow the rule of the three C’s and keep repeating it to go higher. 

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