Founder And Entrepreneur Sundowner At TagMango Creator Pad – Here’s How It Went!


On Sunday, January 30, 2022 Team TagMango hosted one of the biggest sundowner events in Mumbai at the TagMango Creator Pad. The venue saw startup founders, Venture Capitalists and Investors network.  Nearly 20 startup founders from industries ranging from Fintech to Electric Vehicles had the chance to network with the various investors present (almost 20). TagMango’s only idea behind this was to facilitate this event to unlock value amongst ecosystems. 

Sundowner at Creator Pad

How often do you hear of an event that has a predetermined success metric? The sundowner was perhaps one of the only events which had a measurable Key Performance Indicator (KPI). In the words of Divyanshu Damani, our co-founder, “The key metric for this event is if you’re able to interact with at least 15 people before you leave.” 

What else can you expect from an event with highly industrious entrepreneurs and astute investors?! The sun began to set over the horizon of the glorious Arabian sea. The sky turned into various hues of orange, pink and purple. 

Entrepreneur and Founder TagMango Sundowner

The Creator Pad, which generally is the abode for content creators, was decked up to host a completely new variety of guests. These people aren’t just crucial to the Creator Economy but to the nation as a whole. 

Founders of Startups such as Revamp Motors (yes, the ones from Shark Tank India!), Go Dutch, Fundly and Ghost Kitchens India, to name a few, graced the Pad. 

The event was successful for all people to interact and understand the new developments that these young entrepreneurs made in recent times. If the statement, “Your network is your net worth” is to be held true, everyone at the sundowner went back home as a millionaire.

Sundowner at Creator Pad


And yes, every person at the sundowner crushed DD’s KPI, BTW!

The Creator Pad is not only a co-working and co-living space, but the Pad is also the perfect spot to come together as a community, host events and sundowners such as these. We can’t wait to see you at the next one!

Written by Rohan Phatale

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