Here’s How A Make Up Artist Can Monetise On TagMango

Here’s How A Make Up Artist Can Monetise On TagMango

The beauty industry is huugggee! And Make-Up Artists are the front-runners of it! Yes, Beauty & Fashion Influencers are the face of it, but the Make-Up Artists industry predates all that! They’ve been around for decades!

Make-Up Artists
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And, Make-Up artists can monetise their kickass skills that are always on fleek! Not only by creating magic on subjects, but also by teaching people the tricks of the trade! That, too, through workshops and courses.

How? We’ll talk about that! But before that, we gotta talk about how big is the industry, how are Make-Up Artists monetising and what topics are HOT right now! Let’s go!

How big is the Beauty Industry?

The Beauty industry is expected to be USD 805.61 billion by 2023.

How many Make-Up Artists (MUAs) are there?

How many Make-up artists are there?

Why is it booming?

  • Beauty Influencers and Make-Up Artists are rising and creating more and more content around make-up looks, DIY, skincare, beauty hacks, makeup tutorials, and more.
  • Online content consumption pattern shift to videos, vlogs, tutorials, product reviews, beauty discoveries paved the way for informational content boom.
  • Users are looking for more aspirational, informational and snackable content.

How are MUAs monetising?

Make-Up Projects

Make Up
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The most common and straightforward way for a make-up artist to make money as a Make-Up Artist is by taking on projects, bridals, weddings, events, etc. This requires one to chase clients, activate networking, and bag high-paying gigs.

Work at a Salon

Make Up Artist at a salon
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MUAs also earn by working at salons and parlours on a full-time or part-time basis and offering their services.

Take on a teaching Role

Teach how to do make-up
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MUAs can also become educators at Make-Up Academies and take up the instructor roles, teaching new and aspiring make-up artists.

Create Tutorials for Social Media

Make-Up Tutorial
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MUAs can create DIYs and tutorials on their website or blogs or social media and earn through brand sponsorship or product placements or ad revenues.

The TagMango Way: Workshops and Courses


People want to learn how to ace new looks or how to contour or how to achieve the perfect eye-shadow blend and more. In addition to all this, people want to learn more about DIYs, tutorials, looks they can do at home, and a lot more!

And the easiest way to impart your knowledge and skills is through building workshops and courses. Thousands of Make-Up Artists are already hosting their workshops and courses on TagMango – the simplest platform to do so! You can too!

What topics are HOT right now and you can make Content on?

The list is endless, but for starters you can take inspiration from these topics:

  • Beginner’s Guide to Make-Up Tools
  • What Brushes To Use
  • Make-Up Tutorials
  • How To Contour According To Face Type
  • How To Achieve Certain Looks
  • How To Ace Make-Up
  • Quick Make-Up Hacks
  • Make-Up Products To Use
  • Finding The Right Beauty Products
  • Budget Make-Up Alternatives To High-End Luxury Products
  • Make-up Tips and Tricks
  • and a LOT more

How can you become a Creator on TagMango?

Easy! Simply sign up on the platform, and start creating workshops and courses.

  • It takes 120 seconds to create a workshop
  • A few minutes to build customised landing pages
  • A few minutes to build pre-recorded courses complete with sections, chapters and resources.

Why TagMango?

We have created a robust product that will help you launch and better sell your offering/s.

Our top features are:

  • Integrated Chat System and Video Calling Feature – Creators can interact with their subscribers via chat or a group video call and even promote peer-to-peer communication, right in the platform itself.
  • Unique Upsell Feature – Create upsells, add discounts and sell premium offerings during live workshops! Subscribers can buy it directly on the call without toggling windows.
  • Marketing Tools – With our Marketing section, a Creator can launch various Email and WhatsApp campaigns, offer discounts through coupon codes and manage the generated leads.
  • One-click payment feature – Creators can directly withdraw their earnings with a single click. No hassles!

What we are building is a shop for Creators to host their live, pre-recorded workshops and courses. You have full control over what you create, what you sell, and even when you can withdraw their earnings. The platform also enables you to have a bird’s eye view and in-depth view of your offerings, earnings, profile visits, and a lot more.

So what are you waiting for?

Start your monetisation journey the TagMango way! Sign Up!

Sign Up On TagMango

Think Monetisation, Think TagMango!

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