Here’s How A Stock Market Trader Can Sell Workshops & Courses On TagMango

Here's How A Stock Market Trader Can Sell Workshops & Courses On TagMango

Hello Creator!


The fact that you are here means you have the skills and know-how you wish to monetise! Or are looking for ways in which you can monetise!

Ideally, Stock Market traders earn through consultancy calls, trading, paid Telegram communities and more. But there is another way! A more sustainable one, that too!

*drumroll please*

By building workshops and courses and imparting your knowledge to a monetisable audience.

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You have spent years garnering the know-how, acquiring skills to do so; tried and tested many combinations; cracked many financial concepts; and have finally formed your own trading methodologies and style. Now, it is time to monetise that!

Not only will it become an additional income stream, but sharing your expertise will establish you as a thought leader. Some of our top Creators have garnered more income by building & hosting workshops and courses than by trading itself!

Why Courses Are Must For Content Creators


TagMango caters to diverse finance creators and has facilitated financial learnings of more than 32,000 people.

Average Earning of Finance Creator on TagMango

These creators have brought few of their deepest and most value-driven insights to their growing communities through live trading workshops, portfolio reviews and improvements, offline meet-ups and “trade along” strategies.

But before we dig into what topics are hot right now, and how you can start your journey as a Creator on the platform, let’s get to know the market size a little better!

So, how many people actually invest?

In 2020, the global market cap soared to a record $95 trillion.

According to the National Stock Exchange, the no. of active investors in India stands at 1.2 crore, as of August 2021.

For a country of 138 crore people, this is not even 1 per cent of the population.

While the numbers are rising steadily, there is still stigma around how stock market is a gambling scheme and people always lose money 

Reasons Why Indians are afraid of investing in stock market


Is there a need for Stock Market-related content?

Of course, there is!

The average global audience searching for finance-related content is 1.2 billion monthly.

The Total Addressable Market (TAM) for Finance Creators is huge.

A large segment wishes to invest but doesn’t have the required knowledge to do so. Hence, creating awareness about the stock market and its functioning and investment options already has a pre-formed market.

Only a fraction of people are seasoned traders and many aspire to be successful ones. Additionally, some financial concepts are really hard to grasp. Hence, there is a desperate need in the market for simplifying that complex information into easily understandable concepts.

The new-age investors need information that is a package of value, entertainment and ultimately proven results.

That’s where YOU come into the picture. YOU can bridge this gap!

What are the Topics most relevant to the audiences right now?

Finance Creators should focus on creating content for Gen Z (10-25) and Millennials (26-40). These are generations who consume content on their smartphones and are looking to make better financial decisions.

According to a report published on Builtvisible. in April 22, these are the topics that Gen Z and Millennials are looking to consume.

Stock Market Trader Create Finance Content o

What topics can you make content on?

TagMango has become a home for more than 200 Finance Creators. These Creators are regularly hosting their live and pre-recorded courses and workshops on the platform and monetising their skills.

Creators have successfully built workshops and courses on the following topics:

  • Candlesticks Reading and Analysis
  • Options Trading
  • Swing Trading
  • Stock Market Tips
  • Top Trading Options
  • Intraday Trading
  • Price Action Trading
  • Bank Nifty Trading
  • Trade Charts Analysis
  • Technical Analysis (Capital market, Fundamental market)
  • Directional Indicators

 How are these for starters?

How can you become a Creator on TagMango?

Easy! Simply sign up on the platform, and start creating workshops and courses.

  • It takes 120 seconds to create a workshop
  • A few minutes to build customised landing pages
  • A few minutes to build pre-recorded courses complete with sections, chapters and resources.

Why TagMango?

We have created a robust product that will help you launch and better sell your offering/s.

Our top features are:

  • Integrated Chat System and Video Calling Feature – Creators can interact with their subscribers via chat or a group video call and even promote peer-to-peer communication, right in the platform itself.
  • Unique Upsell Feature – Create upsells, add discounts and sell premium offerings during live workshops! Subscribers can buy it directly on the call without toggling windows.
  • Marketing Tools – With our Marketing section, a Creator can launch various Email and WhatsApp campaigns, offer discounts through coupon codes and manage the generated leads.
  • One-click payment feature – Creators can directly withdraw their earnings with a single click. No hassles.

What we are building is a shop for Creators to host their live, pre-recorded workshops and courses. Creators have full control over what they create, what they sell and even when they can withdraw their earnings. The platform also enables them to have a bird’s eye view and in-depth view of their offerings, earnings, profile visits, and a lot more.

So what are you waiting for?

Start your monetisation journey the TagMango way!

Sign Up On TagMango

Think Monetisation, Think TagMango!

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