Here’s How A Yoga Teacher Or A Fitness Trainer Can Sell Workshops & Courses On TagMango

Here's How A Yoga Teacher Or A Fitness Trainer Can Sell Workshops & Courses On TagMango

Are you a Yoga Trainer? Or a Fitness Coach? Or a Pilates Instructor?

You can build and host workshops and courses and impart your knowledge to the world!

Yes, you can!

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You have skills that people want to learn and imbibe, and you have the stature so people are keen on getting fit your way! The Health & Fitness industry is quite big and people are becoming more and more conscious about their health. That boom has facilitated the growth of Fitness Instructors, Yoga Trainers, and Pilates coaches.

How can you start building your own workshops and courses? We’ll get to that! But let’s first take a quick look at why is the industry booming, how are other trainers monetising and what topics are HOT right now! Shall we?

Why is Fitness Content booming?

  • People want to become fitter and want to treat their bodies right. They want to look good and feel good as well.
  • Humans are trying to be more in-tune with their bodies. Thanks to the boom in wearable fitness devices, people are regularly tracking their steps, activities, what they eat, no. of calories burnt, their heart rate, blood pressure, stress levels and a lot more.
  • Access to Online Training on mobile apps or TVs has made workouts much more accessible and is not largely dependent on going to gyms or workout centres physically. So people can sneak in a quick workout during work hours, in their living room or during a quick break from work.

How big is the Fitness Market?

Oh, it is BIG! Here are some stats to support that claim:

Yoga and Fitness market


How many Yoga & Fitness Creators are there?

Yoga & Fitness Content Creators


How are Yoga Instructors & Fitness Coaches monetising?


Yoga Coaching
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This is the most straightforward way of making money as a Yoga Instructor or Fitness Trainer. Either at gyms or 1-on-1 training or online classes, they train clients and help them become fit. 

Selling workout & meal plans

Meal Planning
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Fitness Creators, especially, also take up consultant roles and draft workout and meal plans for enthusiasts who want to routinize their fitness journey. These creators help them by crafting a plan of action. However, one needs to have relevant knowledge and experience to be able to do so.

Through a Fitness App

Fitness App Coach
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Many Fitness Apps have Fitness Coaching segments embedded in their framework and they need Yoga & Fitness coaches. So, a Creator in that niche can sign up as a coach and make money on the side.

Selling Fitness Products

Selling Fitness Products
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Another common way for a Yoga & Fitness Creator to make money is by recommending fitness products and earning through Affiliate Marketing. They earn through commission whenever someone purchases a product recommended by them.

Brand Ambassador/ Sponsorship

yoga trainer
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Many Yoga and Fitness Content Creators are also approached by brands to become their Brand Ambassadors or get offered sponsorship to post branded content. But for this to work, they have to heavily depend on the whims and fancies of the brand.

Fitness Vlog or Blog

Many Fitness Content Creators have their own blogs or vlogs on which they regularly post content on. They tend to monetise that through Ad Revenues or paid posts. They place ads either on their feed or blog or vlog or any content they churn out. YouTubers use Google AdWords and Adsense, Meta users use video ads, and more. Influencers can also earn through Programmatic Ads like pre-rolls, banner ads, sponsored banners and more.

The TagMango Way: Workshops and Courses


People want to learn how to be fit or what all they need or how to start their fitness journey. In addition to all this, people want to learn how to sustainably lose weight, what to eat, how much to work out, best time to work out, healthy meal plans, and more.

And the easiest way to impart your knowledge and skills is by building workshops and courses. Thousands of Yoga and Fitness Creators are already hosting their workshops and courses on TagMango – the simplest platform to do so! You can too! It is the most sustainable way of adding another stream of income.

What topics are HOT right now and you can make Content on?

You can start with anything, but here’s a handy list of some common topics.

  • How to Stay fit & Healthy
  • Beginner’s Guide To Yoga
  • Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness
  • Short Workouts Anyone Can Do
  • Eating Mistakes To Avoid For Better Health
  • Sustainable Living & Workouts
  • How To Monetise As A Fitness Creator
  • How to Get High-Paying Clients
  • How to start making money as a Fitness Creator
  • How to Become a Fitness Creator
  • Yoga Asanas
  • Beginner’s Guide to Yoga
  • Advanced level Yoga
  • Fitness Related topics
  • and more.

How can you become a Creator on TagMango?

Easy! Simply sign up on the platform, and start creating workshops and courses.

  • It takes 120 seconds to create a workshop
  • A few minutes to build customised landing pages
  • A few minutes to build pre-recorded courses complete with sections, chapters and resources.

Why TagMango?

We have created a robust product that will help you launch and better sell your offering/s.

Our top features are:

  • Integrated Chat System and Video Calling Feature – Creators can interact with their subscribers via chat or a group video call and even promote peer-to-peer communication, right in the platform itself.
  • Unique Upsell Feature – Create upsells, add discounts and sell premium offerings during live workshops! Subscribers can buy it directly on the call without toggling windows.
  • Marketing Tools – With our Marketing section, a Creator can launch various Email and WhatsApp campaigns, offer discounts through coupon codes and manage the generated leads.
  • One-click payment feature – Creators can directly withdraw their earnings with a single click. No hassles.

What we are building is a shop for Creators to host their live, pre-recorded workshops and courses. You have full control over what they create, what you sell and even when you can withdraw their earnings. The platform also enables you to have a bird’s eye view and in-depth view of your offerings, earnings, profile visits, and a lot more.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start your monetisation journey the TagMango way! Sign up!

Sign Up On TagMango

Think Monetisation, Think TagMango!

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