Here’s How Doctors, Nutritionists & Mental Health Professionals Can Monetise On TagMango

Here’s How Doctors, Nutritionists & Mental Health Professionals Can Monetise On TagMango

Are you a Doctor? Or a Nutritionist? Or a Mental Health Professional? Do you know besides their day job, doctors, nutritionists and mental health professionals can impart your knowledge and skills and package it in the form of workshops and courses?

Yes, you can!

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There is a huge market for workshops and courses and people want to learn from industry experts like you. They are extremely keen on learning more about their bodies, how their brain works, how food plays a vital role, how to better take care of their mental health, and a lot more.

You have spent years and years garnering your skills and domain knowledge and practiced it for years too. It is a great time to package your insights in workshops and share that knowledge with audiences. And, in turn, add a sustainable income stream.

How? We’ll get into that! But before that, let’s delve deeper into how big the market is, why there is a need for workshops and courses, and what topics are people looking to consume content on.

Why are doctors, nutritionists, and mental health professionals making content and why is it booming?

Why are doctors, nutritionists, and mental health professionals making content and why is it booming?


How many Healthcare Content Creators are there?

No. of Creators on:

How many Doctor Content Creators are there?


How are Doctors, Nutritionists, and other Healthcare Professionals monetising?

Clinics and Consultancy or Hospitals

Doctor consultation
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Currently, that’s the standard approach of doctors, mental health workers and nutritionists to monetise. They either associate with hospitals or clinics and offer their services on a fee-based module.

Private Practice

Doctors, Nutritionists, Healthcare professionals private clinic
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Many health care professionals after garnering years of industry knowledge open up their own clinics or offer private services to clients.

Seminars & Training workshops

Seminar for doctors
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Healthcare professionals are also invited to speak at medical seminars and are offered some remuneration for doing so. They are even hired by Corporates for their private-employee-only webinars and seminars for which they are compensated.

Healthcare professionals are also invited to conduct training workshops at institutions and teach to young healthcare professionals.

The TagMango Way: Workshops and Courses


People want to learn from industry experts and peek inside the industry. In addition to all this, people want to learn more about their bodies, the functioning of the brain, how to stay fit and healthy, how to better take care of their mental health, and a lot more.

And the easiest way to impart your knowledge and skills is through building workshops and courses. Thousands of Doctors, Nutritionists, Mental Health Experts, and more are already hosting their workshops and courses on TagMango – the simplest platform to do so! You can too!

What topics are HOT right now and you can make Content on?

It can be anything on your domain knowledge, but to help you start, these are the following topics:

  • Online educational courses and training based on Ayurveda and Yoga
  • Parenting Practices
  • How to become a doctor
  • Medical professional training workshops
  • Domain Specific Knowledge – Eg – Neuroscience and Marketing
  • Mental Health Workshops and Bootcamps
  • Human Biology and Busting Myths
  • Human Mind and its workings
  • How Humans Form Biases and How it plays a role in their daily decisions
  • How to take care of your mental health
  • 1-on-1 consultations
  • How to deal with Depression, Burnout and Anxiety
  • Science of Nutrition
  • How Big A Role Does Food Play In Our Lives
  • and morePlease note – you have to be certified to offer some of these.

Why TagMango?

The edge that TagMango Healthcare Professionals get is that we have made a robust product equipped with handy features that maximise a Creator’s earnings but minimise their effort in doing so!

We ensure that our Creators don’t have to lose a sweat thinking about making money through any algorithm or brands.

Our top features are:

  • Mango builder – A creator’s offerings are called Mangoes. A mango can be readied in seconds.
  • Landing Page Builder – Build professionally looking websites that can be readied in 10 mins.
  • Courses – Creators can make full-fledged courses, complete with sections, chapters, resources and a lot more.
  • Integrated Chat System and Video Calling Feature – Creators can interact with their subscribers via chat or a group video call and even promote peer-to-peer communication, right in the platform itself.
  • Unique Upsell Feature – Create upsells, add discounts and sell premium offerings during live workshops! Subscribers can buy it directly on the call without toggling windows.
  • Marketing Tools – With our Marketing section, a Creator can launch various Email and WhatsApp campaigns, offer discounts through coupon codes and manage the generated leads.
  • One-click payment feature – Creators can directly withdraw their earnings with a single click. No hassles.

That’s not all, there are more features and tools that our Creators are using to scale their earnings. We firmly believe in fostering an environment in which Creators can solely focus on letting their creativity flow and leaving the rest for us to take care of!

What we are building is a shop for Creators to host their live, pre-recorded workshops and courses. You have full control over what they create, what you sell, and even when you can withdraw their earnings. The platform also enables you to have a bird’s eye view and in-depth view of your mangoes, earnings, profile visits, and a lot more.

So, what are you waiting for?

Come join us and monetise your skill-set! Sign up!

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Think Monetisation, Think TagMango!

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