How a FITNESS creator made 1 Lakh in 1 Week through TagMango!

Pranit fitnesstalks

With the fitness world shifting online, it’s necessary to stay updated and on top of your game – many creators are making the most of it! 

One of them is Pranit Shilimkar. 

He made over 1Lakh in JUST 1 week!

Wish to be a success story like Pranit? Keep reading to find out how.

Fitness and Health today

Although no one could have predicted 2020 and living in a global pandemic, the fitness industry continues to evolve and adapt. The coronavirus crisis has caused a major shift in how and when we exercise. With a massive growth in digital, connected and social fitness, it’s been a year of community and social distancing.

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So, who is Pranit?

The secret towards success is not the top ranks and higher qualification degrees, but it is the passion for work and the experience you gain with it over the years. Pranit Shilimkar is a prime example of it! 

He has worked towards his passion for years after starting out early. He decided to get into fitness and worked towards it and has been felicitated with many certifications. 

Pranit is the founder of FitnessTalks which was founded by him at the age of 24. Known for giving the best transformational results, he is widely known for the 37-days challenge!

His 37-days challenge has been done by many celebrities including Swara Bhaskar, Ankush Bahuguna, Dolly Singh, Kusha Kapila to name a few.

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The Problem 

People who can’t go to the gym generally rely on home workouts and other outdoor activities – but how to get them started?

His major enemy was procrastination and lack of motivation in his audience.

Target users 

  • Beginners in fitness : people who are just starting out their fitness journey and need to know more about it
  • Fitness enthusiasts : people who are into fitness and would love to have new challenges and ways to improve.

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Solution – TagMango

Pranit found TagMango to be a platform to create something new. To be able to develop a paid community without the additional cost of creating a new website or webpage. All he had to do was Register with us and Start creating. 

To beat the main Problem – procrastination and lack of motivation – he came up with the idea of a mango – 7 DAY FITNESS CHALLENGE.


pranit fitness talk - 7 day challenge             pranit fitness talk - 7 day challenge                 pranit fitness talk - 7 day challenge


7 days was not a very long time for people to commit to a plan, it was pre recorded videos and charts available to them at their screens and all they had to do was follow. 

It was a massive success – giving him a revenue of 1 lakh in just a span of 7 Days. He did not incur any additional costs, the transition was easy, and he had a loyal follower base that loved his content!

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