How big can Influencer Marketing become?

Have you ever imagined the future of Influencer Marketing?

At present, there are 500,000 + influencers on social media across different platforms. According to sources, 5 influencers are equal to a celebrity when it comes to influencing people. Hence, influencers are also called Mini-Celebrities.

Which advertisement company doesn’t want its product to be advertised by Celebrities! Ones who are capable of invigorating audiences to use their products.

There is a lot of talk that ‘Influencer marketing is a fad‘, but is it though? Let’s find out!

Improvement in technology

Technology is drastically improving day by day. We see the invention of new apps, tools, analytical trackers which will help both brands and influencers to maximise their performance. Influencer Marketing Hub, one of the biggest companies when it comes to tools and analytics for influencers and brands investing in influencer marketing comes up with various technologies regularly!

There is talk of there being Influencer Coin, coming in the next few years which will be a form of digital currency followers and fans of these influencers can use! You can find out more about this through the IGTV video posted by Farheen Ahmad, who herself is a digital and tech entrepreneur and influencer.

Future of technology in influencer marketing

New Trend in Influencer Marketing

Including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other applications, Influencer Marketing has setup its market on TikTok, one of the fastest-growing applications in not just India, but the world! It gives advertising and brand collaboration opportunities to Tiktokers where they influence their followers and fans to get. Various Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities have also been joining TikTok, which shows the sheer magnitude of the platform.

Besides this, there has been a steady influx of many social media platforms you should watch out for. These are certain to grow big in the future.

Low barriers to entry for Influencers

At present, a person requires a certain number of followers and fans in order to become an influencer on social media. But this trend is slowly fading away as more and more influencers, having as less as 500 followers, are now partnering with brands as well.

TagMango was formerly a nano-influencer marketplace before where we partnered with over 85 brands taken partnering with influencers with just 500 followers.
And since brands are ready to collaborate with such a set of influencers, this hugely decreases the barrier for entry which was there.

Focus on Returns

Companies and brands that are undertaking influencer marketing for various reasons are focussing on two primary factors –
1) How well suited the influencer is for their brand
2) Returns they can expect from the content these influencers create

Thus, if an influencer pays genuine heed to their content quality, and the quality of their followers (no fake ones), it can be hugely beneficial for them.

Boost in Digital spend

How influencer marketing is growing – Mediakix

Influencer marketing, from a marketing ‘tactic’ has grown into a full-blown industry. It’s projected to become a $10 billion market this year. Advertisers and marketers are allocating huge portions of their advertisement and digital spend into influencer marketing.

This just shows how the trend is only going up and not going away anytime soon!

It is safe to say that the influencer marketing space is safe for many years to come. With the increase in content consumption, there is massive scope for influencers and influenced marketing to become bigger and better.

Climb on the upward trending lines now!

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