7 techniques for an entrepreneur to make money from TagMango!

In this blog, we’ll tell you the ways which you can use to make money and monetize your content as an entrepreneur from TagMango.

Are you an entrepreneur who has developed his/her business skills and qualities overtime? If yes, you’re at the correct place. At TagMango, we aim to create your community so that you can monetize your audience by sharing your valuable skills, qualities, and more. Here are a few ways you as an entrepreneur can earn via TagMango.


1) One on one consultation –

 As an entrepreneur, one of the most valuable services you can offer is advice. This mango allows your subscriber to book a one on one call with you for a specified period. Your subscriber can ask you questions related to your niche which you can answer.

2) Daily or weekly tips and newsletters –

This mango allows you to publish daily/weekly tips or newsletters that can be viewed by your subscriber. You can cover a variety of topics like skills/qualities for an entrepreneur, entrepreneurship as a career, learning entrepreneurship, etc.

3) Group training sessions –

Alternative to one on one consultations, group training sessions can be conducted through the TagMango platform. You can cover a wide range of topics about entrepreneurship and hold Q&A sessions with your subscribers.


4) Behind the scenes –

This mango allows the subscriber access to every day behind the scenes from your venture. These can include unedited clips, personal suggestions, vlogs on your day, etc. Content like this can be very solid and attract a lot of people who are interested to know first hand, what entrepreneurship is like.


5) Podcast on entrepreneurship –

A lot of people want to pursue entrepreneurship as a career. As such you can provide them with everyday audio tips on various topics like pursuing entrepreneurship as a career, qualities of an entrepreneur and skills needed to run a business.

6) Chat sessions –

This allows a two-way conversation between the subscriber and you. The subscribers to your mango can talk to you and ask you all their doubts and queries. For every mango you create and select the dates, duration, amount to be charged, e.t.c. Click here to check how to use the chat feature on TagMango.


7) Workshops/Seminars –

Using TagMango, you can create exclusive seminars, workshops, courses, etc, and these can be in the form of pre-recorded videos, audio sets, texts, etc. You and your team can completely design the course structure. 


These were a few tips to help you understand how you as an entrepreneur can make money on TagMango.

If you’ve any queries about anything, please reach out to us at support@tagmango.com and we will help you!

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