How can I book a video call from a creator on TagMango?

In this blog, we’ll show you how you can set up video calls with your favourite creators and have a memorable experience!

TagMango is aiming to bridge the gap between a creator and his/her followers by bringing them together and getting them to interact in a variety of ways! Our marquee video call feature, which is live now, is one of many such features that we will be launching for this purpose.

If you’re a creator and want to know how you can set up video call slots, read this blog instead!

How can you book a video call from a creator?

Before we explain this, keep in mind that a subscriber will only be able to book it from a creator, if the creator has added the video call feature to his Mango! Before you subscribe to a mango, check whether the feature has been added by seeing the details of the Mango.

Mango without the video call feature
Mango with video call enabled












Considering the feature has been enabled by the creator in his mango, here are the following steps that can be undertaken by a subscriber to book video calls –

1- Open your TagMango activity page and click on the video call option on top in orange

2- Select the creator (if you have multiple subscriptions) with whom you want to get on the call

Screenshot of creator's video call profile
Step 2

3- You’ll be able to see a list of slots set by the creator on the basis of his availability

List of video call slots set by the creator

Step 3 – List of available slots

4- Click on the slot that works for you and click on confirm when the pop-up comes

Confirmation of video call
Step 4

5- Once you confirm, go to your messages tab and open the chat with the creator

6- You will get the call link there itself. The link will be activated 5 minutes before the date and time of the video call so be prepared

Step 6

These steps encompass all you need to know when it comes to booking video calls with your favourite creator on the TagMango platform! If you want to understand how the chat feature works, you can check out this blog as well!

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