How can I chat with a creator on TagMango as a subscriber?

In this blog, we’ll be giving explaining how the chat feature works in the TagMango platform and how a subscriber can interact with their creator through it.

How does the chat feature work?

The chat feature on TagMango can work as a one-way or two-way form of communication mechanism depending on the creator (If you’re a creator, read this blog instead).

When creating a mango, if the creator enables the chat feature, then he/she will be able to send you messages and you will be able to reply to them. If they do not enable it, only they will be able to send messages and you will be able to see it but not interact with it.

tagmango messages tracking
Access the messages tab

Where can I access the chat feature?

Navigate between the creators you have subscribed to and the mangoes

Click on your image at the top right corner of the screen and click on the messages tab. All the creators and the mangoes you have subscribed to will be listed there.

If a message has been sent to you, you will be able to see it by opening it.


We hope this blog cleared any doubts you might have with regards to the chat feature. You can still reach out to us on to ask any other questions you might have. If you want to understand how you can book a video call from a creator, check this blog.




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