How can I use my unique profile link on TagMango?

This blog will give you a walkthrough of your profile link on TagMango and how the unique feature can be used in inviting your audience!

How can I access my profile link?

There are two ways in which you can access this feature on TagMango’s app.
Firstly, when you create your account as a Creator, you need to make your profile. Add the mangoes and your bank details, you’ll be directed to the page through which you can share your unique link to your audience.

Method 2
Method 1

Secondly, you will be able to access the feature on the ‘My Profile‘ section under the ‘Invite your audience‘ tab.

How does the link work?

This is one of the most unique features we have on our platform. Whenever you share the link of your profile to someone who does not have the app, they will not have to download it! Your unique link will open your profile straight (check the image to get a better understanding) and nothing else!

They will be able to see your mangoes and register to them without any hassle or extra steps.

This will help in reducing the bounce rate and remove any inhibitions they might have.

You can share the link through a variety of options and directly invite your audience with a click of a button.

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