How does a mango title help in attracting your audience?

A mango title is the first piece of content that a visitor sees. It is like the heading of an essay, it should make the visitor click with an intent to learn more.


Here’s our top 5 tips to write a mango title that attracts conversions :


  • Keep it short, to-the-point and crafty. 


  • Your Mango title should contain the essence of your mango. It is the first impression you make of your service to your visitors. 


  • Make it eye-catching but not click-baity. You want your target audience to know what they are getting into.


  • Using keywords helps your probability of showing up on a higher page rank. 


  • Mango titles should be in sync with the rest of the content, such as the mango cover image, description and even the video snippet. 

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