How Does The Chat System Work On TagMango?

How Does The Chat System Work On TagMango?

Fun fact: Did you know that the first-ever chat system to have ever existed in the modern world was called Talkomatic? It was created by Dug Brown and David R Woolley in 1973. It was made on the PLATO system (first generalised computer-assisted instruction system) at the University of Illinois.

Sweet!! But we are way past that and thanks to all the technological advancements, life without online chat seems pretty impossible! It is 2022, and we at TagMango are constantly looking for ways to make our Creators’ lives simpler. In our last tech update, which has been the biggest one ever, we introduced an all-new Chat section.

TagMango Chat Section

TagMango Chat Section

You can check it out right when you sign in! It is on the top bar, titled “Messages”.

The reason we have been keen on introducing this feature for our Creators is because we know how important it is for community building. After all, isn’t it time-saving and convenient to send an update to your subscribers at one go, all in one place?

It is also a great chance for a Creator to directly interact with their subscribers right within the platform itself. Thereby, eliminating the need for WhatsApp or Google Chat or other external IM services.

Chat Setting
Chat window

What’s more, is that Creators have full control over their chat rooms (Mango Rooms). If a Creator wants to enable peer-to-peer communication to strengthen their community, then they can do so. They can even change the setting to them being able to send messages. They can control the privacy settings, each step of the way!

Creators can change Chat Setting & Privacy
Chat Settings and Privacy

The Messages section is divided into Mango Rooms and DMs.

A sample DM

As soon as a Mango is created, a subsequent Mango Room of that Mango is created. A Mango Room comprises all the people who have bought/subscribed to that mango.

DMs are the direct messages a Creator receives.

That’s not all, folks! The chat system enables multiple attachment options like images, audios, videos and has a host of other customisable features.

Our Creators are absolutely loving the chat feature and have raving reviews of it! Chat section on the platform is a great community-building tool for Creators. We love innovating for our Creators and Subscribers and will keep doing so!

So what are you waiting for? Utilise the feature and optimise your workshops and courses by sharing updates real-time with your subscribers.

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