How Have Content Creators Diversified Into Other Ventures?

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There has been an astounding growth in content creation since the launch of the 4G mobile services in India way back in 2016. Many talented creators took social media and other platforms to stage their skills. Along with the age of content creation in India, the economical mobile services, accessibility to smartphones, and internet penetration have contributed to the rise of the creator economy extensively in the last five years.

Creators were able to build an audience for their creations and grow to become influencers. With a solid social media base, creators build a strong community, which helps them grow as a personal brand. Content creators leverage their skill sets and popularity to establish a parallel revenue stream by venturing into other streams and sectors.

India’s e-commerce and D2C sectors are also booming, so we can see many content creators building their own private labels and merchandise platforms. We can also see many of them taking their skillset into a more incredible professional arena like mass media and other businesses. 

This progressive wave of the creator economy in India seems to have become a norm, and many content creators in the future will rule over the rest of industries and businesses. There are many chances for this process to get vice-versa. Talents from other sectors and ventures will get into content creation to build their community and earn recognition. 

Here are content creators who staged their skills and talents and now diversifying themself into other ventures to grow incredibly. 

Bhuvan Bam

Bhuvan Bam started as a small-time youtube content creator in 2015 and now has an empire of 25.4 million youtube subscribers on his channel BB ki Vines and 14.2 million Instagram followers. From enacting quirky characters to getting featured in ‘Forbes 30 under 30,’ Bhuvan has come a long way in his content creation journey. 

bhuvan bam

Source: Instagram @youthiapamachaao

Along with being a youtube personality, he has become an established songwriter and singer. He released many music singles and was part of a few television programs, short films, web series, and music videos. He also co-founded Youthiapa, a merchandise store with products based on his one-liner dialogues. This everyday fashion merchandise was very well received by his fans and community and became an established business for him. 

Pranav Panpalia

Pranav Panpalia, a YouTuber who creates content dedicated to luxury cars, became BMW’s first-ever Indian Youtube ambassador. It made him go viral and shortly after that, he collaborated with top celebrities and personalities such as Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli. 

He was one of the earliest influencers in India who grabbed a remarkable brand collaboration. During that time, Influencer marketing was not a well-established concept, but he understood its importance and predicted the growth of influencer marketing and launched OpraahFx in 2016. 

pranav panpalia

Source: Instagram @pranavpun

To help and mentor young and aspiring influencers, he built OpraahFX as a space for influencer communities and brands who can work together to create compelling content for their audiences. Today, OpraahFx consists of more than 10K plus content creators from various niches and have executed over 400 campaigns with nearly 100 brands across different industries. 

Along with OpraahFx, he also launched OPgaming in 2020. Being an avid gamer himself, he identified a wide gap between the Indian gaming community and game producers. So he established OPgaming as an end to end gaming service with a vision of creating an ecosystem for gamers, games and brands to collaborate and create more gaming content. 

Juhi Godambe

Juhi Godambe, an alumnus of the London School of Fashion, is one of the well-established fashion and lifestyle content creators. She started her content creation journey as an Instagram blogger and rapidly gained popularity. She now holds nearly 515k Instagram followers and almost 53k youtube subscribers. 

Juhi Godambe

Source: Instagram @juhigodambe

She stepped into entrepreneurship and launched a D2C fashion brand “Arabella.” Since her graduation, she has been keen to launch her fashion label. As said, she is one of the top influencers in India who collaborate for paid promotions with top international fashion brands. And her fashion label is also celebrated and patronised by Indian celebrities such as Kaira Advani, Mallika Dua and others. 

Arabella has an in-store in Mumbai along with an e-commerce website. These stores sell everything from clothing and accessories to jewelry and bags. 

Madhura Bachal

From being a food blogger on Facebook to become the most popular Marathi language cooking YouTuber, Madhura Bachal has crossed a long successful path. The lack of Marathi recipes on the Internet made her publish her recipes on Facebook, which eventually got people’s attention. 

madhura bachal

Source: Instagram @madhurasrecipe

She is one of the most famous regional language women content creators. And also a great inspiration to many other women like her. She started her content creation journey in 2009. In these 13 years, she has grown to publish her own cookery books. She has also launched her own home-grown spice D2C brand named ‘MadhurasRecipe Masals.’

Madhura now has a strong presence on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. She now says that, as an entrepreneur, she wants to grow beyond Maharashtrian cuisine and experiment with other cuisines. 

Prajakta Koli

Prajakta Koli started her career as a Radio Jockey. From there on she began to create video content on her observational comedy channel MostlySane in 2015. She has grown gradually and went on to grab her Netflix show, Mismatched. 

She continues to create original Youtube content, that is, deeply relatable to the daily life situations of the audience. prajakta kohli

Source: Instagram @mostlysane

Along with her acting, she also produced a short film Khayali Pulao, which won a Daytime Emmy Nomination last year. She is awaiting the release of Mismatched 2. Further,  she will also be next seen in Karan Johar’s Jug Jug Jeeyo Movie. 

Prajakta, recently in Feb 2022, was named the youth climate champion by UNDP India and was entrusted with the responsibility of creating awareness of environmental issues among young minds through her content. 

Wrapping up

Content creation has become a desirable job for young people today. The creator’s economy is growing progressively in India. Many content creators have built their communities. A lot of them have managed to step up into other ventures. This has been possible due to the connections they have built with their community. Some have launched their products, services, brands, and labels. 

In fact, our Co-founder Divyanshu Damani is a well-established social media content creator and influencer. Being a content creator, he identified a huge gap in the connection between nano influencers and business firms. He was also looking to create sustainable income from content creation. 

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