How important is Digital Detox in 2020?

In this blog, we’ll be covering how important Digital Detox-ing is for internet users and how it can benefit you!

  • Feeling blurred at night after using your laptop/phone throughout the day?
  • Feeling sleepless at nights?
  • Have a habit to constantly check your phone if you’re sitting idle?
  • Constantly checking your likes/comments/retweets you’re getting on your social media content?
  • Finding difficulty in focussing on work?

If you’re facing 2 or more, or all of these constantly – and therefore, you need to take a break. You need Digital Detoxification!

The statistics for the same goes like;

A year-on-year analysis on the average time spent by Internet users on it

Every passing day you hear cases of young kids speaking about mental health distress, anxiety, online insecurities. etc. A lot of these problems are rooted in spending too much time on social media. This is also why lots of people are constantly looking at likes/comments and other forms of social media validation as a yardstick to judge themselves.

At times like these, it is really important to indulge in taking a break from social media – and indulging in Digital detoxification and going for a social media cleanse. You basically need to go for detox, which will help you to go back to reconnect with the digital world in a better way.

How can DIGITAL DETOX help you:

Reduces Stress

One of the biggest problems of being online is indulging in social comparison. It essentially means comparing yourself and your situations to other people on the internet.

Even though it is really common, Social comparison is one of the leading reasons behind Mental health issues.

We often fail to understand that every individual will undertake a different journey in life. Being under constant pressure to judge yourself from somebody else’s life’s perspective causes stress, anxiety and other severe mental health issues.

Being away from social media will help you, in a mammoth way, to push yourself away from this. This will get you in better shape mentally, and eventually, make you realise about the futility of comparing yourself to someone else online.

Increase Creativity

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time online for work/pleasure, you’ll realise that a point comes where your thoughts are saturated. Additionally, your creativity hits a roadblock. Even your thinking prowess is reduced. That is fairly common.

Having digital detox results in much lesser internet usage. This leads to relaxation and opens your minds to things beyond the digital spectrum. When you’re not looking at your screen constantly, you’ll naturally spend your time elsewhere, which can help get your creative juice flowing.

One of the reasons why you get the best thoughts when you’re showering!

Mental Detoxification

Our minds are being fed information day-in-day-out to the point that it has cluttered beyond what we can process. As a result, we lose track of things, forget what we were supposed to do and become exceedingly unfocused.

Digital detoxification leads to mental declutter, hence, allowing you to relax, reduce stress and get a peace of mind. Consider it to be the recovery period for your brain.

Healthier lifestyle

As we’re engulfed with digital gadgets and devices, we’re forgetting to enjoy other aspects of life – family, exercise, outdoor activities etc. These are as important as our work online. Moreover, they help us in maintaining a balanced and healthy life. But most of us forget this – as we’re so involved in social media. Further, you must’ve also noticed how much of your life revolves around the internet.

Detoxification, thus, naturally gives you more time to spend on other important things, and also an opportunity to explore and put your digital life on a PAUSE.

So, take a break. Give yourself some time away from digital devices. Include regular periods in a day/week or in your schedule where you completely detach yourself from social media and electronics, as much as you can.

Digital detox will, therefore, immensely help you become more creative, more effective and most importantly, calmer.

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