How To Analyse Your Growth As A Content creator?

Hey! Are you out of your senses? An occasional reprimand like this is an emotional outcry of audible content that our ears can strongly sense. Other examples of appealing content we can create/sense are — the warmth felt by a mother’s touch, the sweet taste of mangoes, the intoxicating smell of coffee, watching a short comedy video, and hearing a technology podcast. In a way, everyone is a content creator, but not everything appeals to influence us. The secret to being an influential content creator is:

Find your niche, and then go even more.Joe Pulizzi.

The Basics

Niche is expertise in a specific field that appeals to a limited set of “common interest” audiences. For example, the expertise of the content creator and big-time influencer Charli D’Amelio is a competitive dancer. She has a following of over 48 million on Instagram.

New-age Content creators create audio, video, written and visual content that appeals to and influences people frequently based on pre-defined objectives contained in a “brief” — the scope of work that explains the overall purpose of a specific content creation assignment.

Such content eventually gets published on television, radio, social media, OTT, VOD, websites, blogs/vlogs, newsprints and e-publications. The purpose of content creation can range from establishing brand value, promoting sales, social cause appeals, and event publicity — all to a niche target audience.

If you are an aspiring content creator, there is news for you. Over 50 million creators like you have joined the global creator economy, and amongst them, over 93% consider themselves amateurs! Hence, the quest for content creators is finding a niche that appeals to influence. Statista reports that the influencer marketing market size worldwide has steadily grown to nearly $14 Billion.

Niche – The Mantra for Marketer’s Success

Here’s why the niche is the mantra for the marketer’s success too:

Image Credit: Photo by Melanie Deziel on Unsplash

There are 4 primary reasons –

  1. Marketers are vying for consumer attention in a crowded marketplace — a differentiator (niche) has a better chance of success.
  2. Major social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat are focussed on ad revenue and wooing influential content creators with creator funds to create niche content.
  3. Traditional ways of planning advertising shoots are not agile, economical, and effective enough to meet the rapidly changing market dynamics of cultural narratives or target the numerous personas of interest to marketers.
  4. The fastest and most effective way for marketers is to identify niche content creators of influence and use their appeal to tap into the marketing opportunity windows as frequently as essential.

How can content creators find and work on their niche?

Mantra for Content Creators to Follow and Analyse their growth


The first step is to unlearn the misconception that having more followers is the recipe for influencer success. It isn’t. Marketers work with not just established influencers with a large following, but also with creators who focus on a niche that appeals to their audience – micro-influencers.


Identify your niche area to work on and be a specialist in that area. Followers love and take specialist creators seriously. If you are running short of ideas, here are some that can trigger your thoughts — beauty, fitness, fashion, travel, gaming, animation, chess, travel, cooking, dance, and more. Anything that you love and have honed skills of value and appeal to people in the world can potentially be a niche.


Being original and authentic helps to differentiate your personality. You stand a much better chance of your unique style appealing to your target audience rather than trying to imitate anyone.

Personal Brand

Quality and differentiated content itself has an edge of appeal and influence. Use it to build your style and brand.

Add your own Flavour

You don’t need to compare yourself with anyone except yourself in the context of sharpening your niche and skills. Do things differently, add flavours, and satiate the novelty quotient of your followers consistently. It is hard work, but what isn’t!


At times, have a surprise element – invite special guests or do something different or discuss a cause.


Once you reach a stage where a brand wants to associate with you, do not compromise your follower’s interests. Brands come and go, but followers are hard to rebuild if they go away. Creators are being quite selective about the brands they associate themselves with. And, rightly so!


Keep an eye on monetisation opportunities. Leverage platforms like TagMango that provide business tools to creators to build monetisation opportunities for creators through workshops and courses.

Tracking your growth and engagement with KPIs

Regularly tracking your growth and engagement is essential to take stock, reflect and adapt yourself as a content creator and influencer over time. There are essentially two tracks to measure, and here are two examples that provide you with the big picture of what to track and measure on both.

1. Tracking the platforms to gauge your growth on the ones relevant to your niche

2. Tracking key performance indicators based on the content type

KPIs by Content Type
Courtesy: Content Marketing Institute


In conclusion, rising speeds and large data volumes flowing on the internet affordably combined with the proliferation of technology to the masses has smashed all barriers between people and global audiences. Content creators, enterprises and consumers are driving the growth of the content creator economy consistently. In short, it’s time for content creators to make hay while the sun shines!

And we at TagMango are here to help Creators monetise their skill-set! We have built the simplest and smoothest tool for Creators to host live or pre-recorded workshops and courses. You can know more about our robust product by reading the blogs below.

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