How To Best Use Coupon Codes On TagMango?

How To Best Use Coupon Codes On TagMango?

Coupons. Coupons. Coupons. Who doesn’t like coupons? This is us when we get one.

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What about you?

Now, it is an age-old strategy that marketers have been using to attract customers and amp up conversions.

For Creators, too, Coupon Codes come in super handy and are a fun way to accelerate conversions for different services.  

On TagMango, creating coupon codes is super simple and it goes a long way in attracting more subscribers.

Before we dive deeper into how to create coupon codes, let’s quickly see why coupon codes are important!

Why are coupon codes important

Ready to create your own coupon code/s on TagMango? Let’s go!

Step 1: Go to TagMango Creator Dashboard, click on Marketing on the left side panel, and select coupon codes.

TagMango Dashboard Coupon Code

Step 2: Click on “Create Coupon”. Type the code name.

Create Coupon Code

Step 3: You can either choose a particular mango to link this coupon code to or let the field be empty so that this coupon is applicable across offerings.

Create a coupon code on TagMango

Step 4: You can either opt for a percentage discount or flat discount.

Add discount to coupon code

Step 5: Well, you can limit the usage of a coupon. Like if you want it valid for say the first 50 customers only.

Limit usage on Coupon Codes

Step 6: Set a minimum or maximum price for a mango this coupon can be used for. This is applicable in case you haven’t linked a coupon code to a particular mango. You simply choose the price range for the mango upon which the code will be applicable.

Range for which coupon code can be valid

Step 7: Set a validity range. Choose how long you want a coupon to stay valid.

Range for which coupon code can be valid

Once all of this is done, hit “submit”. And there! Your own coupon code is ready!

Now that you know how to create a coupon code, let’s take a look at how to use it!

On the dashboard, you will find your newly created coupon code.

  • You can choose to edit details or even delete the old ones.
  • Share the coupon code with your subscribers and they can use it on the checkout page to avail the discount.
  • Use coupon codes as seasonal discounts, festive offers, introductory offers and more to attract more and more people.
  • Coupon codes, as earlier mentioned, are a great sales tactic to scale your business and incentivise and attract old and new customers.
  • Another unique way in which you can use your coupon code is by using it during an upsell. When you are upselling on a video call, you can add a coupon code to the offering to make it attractive and alluring.

Doing so is extremely easy on TagMango. Not only creating and sharing coupon codes, but keeping a track of how many times a coupon has been used is also pretty easy.

Trending Coupons

Under this section under Overview, you can track how a coupon code has worked, its activity status, its earnings, usages, and more. You are in total control of your code and its application.

This section also helps you in planning your future campaigns and running discounts.

We’ve also created an explainer video for you.

Isn’t it comprehensive?

TagMango is working day and night towards creating a seamless platform for you so that your Creator Monetisation journey is hiccup-free and smooth.

You simply concentrate on creating and leave the rest to us!

If you are looking to jumpstart your Creator Monetisation journey and haven’t signed up yet on our platform, head here and do so!

Happy Creating!

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