How To Build Courses On TagMango?

How To Build Courses On TagMango?

Courses have over the years become an inherent part of our lives. Be it to upskill, understand a concept better, gain knowledge of a particular domain, learn a hobby or a skill, and more, courses are the easiest way to imbibe knowledge in this digital day and age!

For Content Creators too, in addition to creating live or pre-recorded workshops, selling courses has become intrinsic. Why should you build courses, you may wonder?

Well, because first and foremost it is a great way to build & strengthen any community and impart your knowledge.

Secondly, it is a fantastic source of passive income.

Thirdly, it helps in establishing you as a thought leader.

And, lastly, it also catalyses your search for newer audiences for your content!

Why Courses Are Must For Content Creators

Now that we have a gist of why courses are important, it is time to create some courses on TagMango and accelerate your earnings. How? It is oh-so-simple!

Like all our features that are built for your convenience and comfort, creating a course on TagMango is extremely easy. While you can build a workshop in just 120 seconds, building a course takes a matter of minutes.

You can build a full-fledged course, complete with sections, chapters, resources and a lot more.

Let’s show you a step-by-step breakdown:

Step 1: Go to the Courses section and click on “Create”!

Create Courses on TagMango

Step 2: Add a title and link it to the mango or mangoes!

Adding Courses on TagMango

Step 3: You can divide your course into multiple sections. Each section has multiple chapters.

Add Sections to coourses

Step 4: To upload content in the chapter, click on “Content”. Choose from audio, video, text, pdf, and more.

Course Contents

Step 5: Add a description for each chapter that will better summarise its content.

Add description and resources

Step 6: Add resources for each chapter. These can be workbooks, assignments, additional links and supporting materials. You choose what you wish to add!

Uploading resources

Step 7: Click on Save.

Save a course

Step 8: Follow the same steps to add as many chapters as you like.

Step 9: Go to “Course set-up” and update the course info, add final touches to the  content, upload an attractive cover.

Course cover

Step 10: Click on “Preview Changes” to view how the course content appears.

Preview Course Content

Step 11: If all is good to go, click on “Publish”. And there, you have successfully created a course on TagMango.

Publish a course on TagMango

After publishing a course, the course contents become visible to all the subscribers of that mango.

In short, you view, create, upload, and even track course completion status under the “Courses” tab.

So, when we say that creating courses has never been simpler, we absolutely mean it.

At TagMango, enabling Creator Monetisation and Creator Freedom are the mantras we live by! Hence, we have made this robust product with constant updates just for Creators like you!

If you are a Creator who is looking to start their monetisation journey, click here for a lowdown on how to get started.

TagMango is the simplest platform to build pre-recorded workshops and courses on! Come, let’s create magic together!

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Written by Rachna Srivastava

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