How To Build A Landing Page Effectively On TagMango For Your Next Workshop?

How To Build A Landing Page Effectively On TagMango For Your Next Workshop?

After emails, Landing Pages are one of the most bankable tools a Marketer swears by. Why? Because of the conversion rate they offer!

According to a Growth Marketing Pro stat, Landing pages have about an average 9.7% conversion rate which is second to Emails which enjoy a 13% average conversion rate! Of course, there are marketing tools in between as well!

Now you must be wondering what is the fuss about Landing pages, and what is it?

Let’s get that out of the way, shall we?

Simply put, a landing page is a standalone web page. It is created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. Since the visitor directly “lands” on the page after they click on a link, it is called a landing page.

The link of the landing page can be shared either in an email, as a digital ad, or as a link on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or DMs, etc.

But what sets apart landing pages from other web pages?

Good thought! The main, or shall I say major, demarcating factor is that while other webpages can be for informational or website navigation roles, a landing page has a specific goal! A single focus, with a specific call-to-action (CTA). CTAs like “Buy”, “Sign Up”, “Make A Purchase”, “Donate”, etc.

E.g. Creators create workshops with a CTA button “Purchase NOW” to drive purchases of their offerings.

What are the components of a good landing page?

Components of a good landing page

  • An arresting, eye-catching headline, followed by a subhead to support the headline. Oh, it can also be a continuation of the headline
  • A hero image or a video to break the text and make the landing page more attractive.
  • Compelling reasons highlight the USP and benefits of that particular offering or service.
  • A visible, bold, action-inducing call-to-action button.
  • Social proof in the form of testimonials supported by images or videos goes a long way in building trust.
  • Irresistible offers or discounts and freebies to make your offering more compelling.

Can you build landing pages on TagMango?

Oh, yeaaaahh!!

Oh yea
Courtesy: GIFs by @cackhanded

You can make your very own landing pages for your workshops and courses on TagMango, and sell them better to your community. Thereby, increasing your offering’s conversion rate! #WinWin

But we call them Mango Websites. Cuz we love a touch of Mango in every offering! And, TBH, it sounds a whole lot juicier! *winks*

So, how to build landing pages effectively on TagMango?

We told you the key components an effective landing page should have. Hence, we took that formula, added more attractive components, and made customisable templates that you can use to make YOUR own Mango Websites!

The templates are totally customisable, editable and are available in fetching colours! And the best part? Your Mango Website can be readied in less than 10 minutes!

Yes, these professional-looking, eye-catching landing pages can be made in 10 minutes!

Let’s walk you through how to do so! C’mon!

After you log on to your TagMango Creator profile, from the Dashboard Overview, on the left side toggle head to Mangoes.

Dashboard TagMango

Expand Mangoes and click on Mango Websites.

Click on Select Design.

Select A Landing page Template

A window will open up in which you need to link the Mango for which you need to make a Mango Website. (If you want to learn how to make a Mango, head here).

Link a Mango to Landing page
A sample view

On the left-hand panel, you will see all the sections and the settings tab!

Sections and Settings

Don’t worry, everything is preset, you simply need to add your text! Double click to edit text, and you can rearrange sections too.

Banner section:

Banner Section Landing Page Mango Website

Add a catchy headline and sub-headline.

Fill your name and designation in “Instructed by”, add your image or Introduction video, add/edit Featured In icons or remove them if you don’t want them.

Add the Workshop/Course offering’s price in your preferred currency. This is your CTA. You can edit the price, offer discounts and strike out the actual price and make your offering more enticing.

Right below that is Bonuses worth, where you can add monetary value of bonuses you are offering with the workshop/course.

Add details about the Date, Any money-back guarantee, Timing, Bonuses, etc. You can add or remove any block by clicking the “Delete” icon on a selected block. Or copy any block using the “Copy” icon.

What are you going to learn section:

Section on landing page

This is where you can highlight the workshop or your course’s content, the USP, benefits in crisp subheadings and supporting text.

You can edit the existing divisions, or add or remove them according to what you are curating.

The image section here is also customisable and you can place an attractive image of your choice.

Add your CTA here.

Who is this workshop for section:

Who is this workshop for section on Landing page

Okay, this is one of the most underrated sections but it is SO important. This gives your subscribers an idea and something to relate to.

A great landing page needs to list out who will benefit largely from this workshop or course. So list out the type of person and what they will gain from this offering.

Also, don’t miss out on filling out your CTA.

This is a sample screenshot to give you a better idea.

You Must Join Sample

Proofs & Testimonials Section:

Proofs and Testimonials

It is imperative that you humanise your landing page. Adding authentic proofs and testimonials from your community establishes trust and credibility amongst visitors. And, humans like to hear from other humans.

You can copy the blocks and add as many testimonials as you want. We suggest 3-6 is a good number.

Bonuses Section:

Bonuses Mango Website Landing Page

This is a crucial section you should focus a tad bit on. Add what you are offering in addition to the workshop or course. A subscriber will love it if you packaged your offering with something extra. Who doesn’t like that?

Add your subhead, add supporting text, and don’t forget to add monetary “Value” to each Bonus you are offering.

Timer Section:

Timer Section On Landing Page

This is a great marketing tactic that comes in handy to generate FOMO. If your offering is exclusive and for a limited time, people tend to be enticed by it more.

This is also a great section to highlight if you are currently running any offers or discounts and the discount is available only till a certain date or hour.

You can edit the days, hours, minutes, seconds, etc.

Don’t forget to add your CTA here.

Meet the Mentor Section:


Would you buy something from someone you have absolutely no idea about? No, right? This is exactly true for your community as well. In this section, introduce yourself, and highlight your achievements point-wise.

You can highlight brands you’ve worked with, any awards you have been felicitated with, what results you have achieved in your domain, and other accomplishments.

Then, edit or delete the ‘Featured In’ icons. Shine on!

Certificate Section:

Certificates for Workshop

It is proven that Certificates are a great takeaway for people signing up for your offering. It gives them proof of learning and also establishes their credibility as a learned person.

And on TagMango, you can easily customise and send Certificates to your valued community.

You can use this section to show what the Certificate they’ll receive looks like. Edit/Add/Remove text, date and your name in a wink!

Stack Up Offer Section:

Stack Up Offer Mango website landing page

This is a great section to sum up what are you offering through your workshop or courses in a condensed manner.

Add your offerings, add monetary values to it, sum up the bonuses with monetary value people will get for free, and then give them a numerical representation of the values and at what cost they are actually getting the umpteen benefits.

Add your CTA again here.

FAQ Section:


Utilise this section to answer commonly asked questions or doubts a person may have about your workshop or course.

We have outlined a few sample questions, you can edit them as per your choice.

Add answers to each customised question.

Add a final CTA, and you are done!

Ready to see how your Landing Page looks?

You can see the Desktop, Tablet on Phone view on the top panel.

If you’ve made any changes, you can easily undo or redo them.

Save the changes you make to the page.

Preview it, review it and see what tweaks you wish to make.

Exit-Intent Pop-Ups:

Mango Websites are also a great way to generate leads. You can set up automated pop-ups to collect details of your visitors. How this helps is in offering discount coupons to these visitors, which in turn means a better conversion rate.

To enable pop-up, head to the left-hand side panel and at the bottom, hit the enable button. Click on Lead Generation Pop Up. 

Exit Intent Pop-up

Add the content in your Pop-Title. Add or remove the field you want to. In the Button title, define what you want the CTA to read, and offer discounts. 

Exit Intent Pop Up On TagMango

Finally, set the time of the pop-up in seconds, when you want to display it. You can even enable it to show a pop-up when one tries to exit.

Sample of Exit Intent Pop Up
Sample of Exit Intent Pop Up

This is how you collect data which will be displayed in the Leads Management. Oh, and you can create coupon codes to sell to them directly! In order to create a coupon code, head to the Marketing Section on the main dashboard and create a coupon code. 

If all looks fantastic, which we are sure it would, hit Publish and BOOM your very own Landing Page aka Mango Website is ready!

After publishing the Mango Website, you can go on to customise the URL and description before you share the link with your audience.

Now start sharing the custom link with your community to enable purchases! 

And you can, on the Dashboard, easily track how your Mango Website is performing!


We even made an explainer video for you. Check it out!


You learnt what landing pages are, why they are important, what are the components of a good Landing Page, how to build Mango Websites on TagMango and all the things to keep in mind! We are 100% sure you are ready! 

Go ahead and build yourself one!

In case you encounter any challenges, are getting stuck somewhere or need some clarity, you can always reach out to us on

We at TagMango work with a sole aim of making our Creator’s lives easier, and this is just one of the many tools we have crafted for your perusal. 

To know more about our product features, head to our Blog Section where we churn out more how-tos and helpful guides.

If you are looking to jumpstart your Creator Monetisation journey and haven’t signed up yet on our platform, head here and do so!

Happy Creating!

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